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F-Commerce: 5 Tips for Facebook Store Owners

In the earlier post we learned about social commerce strategies before setting up your first facebook store. In this post we are going to teach about some real tips for small business ecommerce owners who’ve started with the facebook store. As a small brand trying to sell your products through social apps like facebook store, you should get a clear understanding on your customers who’ve liked your facebook page. Do you know why people follow brands on facebook? In a multiple choice poll, the most common reason was to get notified of special offers, get exclusive deals, follow events and leave feedback.

Real Tips for Facebook Store Owners

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1. An image is worth 1000 words. Same follows with facebook too. Your update with an image gets more views than a simple text message. If you don’t believe me, go and check your page insights. So to make your posts interesting, make your photos interesting. All your photos should stand out from the crowd; show your consumers some real visuals of what is being offered, before they consider making a purchase. Once your photos are exceptional, that will automatically trigger a visitor to follow through with purchase instead of browsing and leaving.

2. Now you cannot make your store as landing page. Facebook has disabled the option. So promote your latest offers regularly. Use apps to schedule updates on promotional offers twice a day. Also you can use pin it feature to pin the promotional offer update on top of your page that will draw more visitors to your store front.

3. Facebook cover pages play an important role if you’re offering facebook store. People act as window shopping, so your cover image is the only opportunity to set your page apart. It should represent your brand; it should display latest offers and also eye catchy to trigger a visitor to land on your store page.

4. By default, facebook apps are listed in 3rd or 4th position. The position by default follows Likes, Photos, and Apps. You can rearrange it as Photos, Apps and Likes. Make sure the store app is visible without clicking for more options. This small option will make your store to get more visibility.

5. Use Facebook polls and other social media tools to keep your fans engaged.

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