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Top 10 Best Video Interview Software Script Features

Here are 10 best Video Interview Software Script features of Castasy that enables you to start a Video Interview platform.

In a post pandemic world, It wouldn’t be surprising to note that companies would hire for positions remotely. Apart from safety of the organization and it’s employees, there are varied reasons such as cost cutting, tapping into a much wider talent pool across the globe. That said, there are challenges in the hiring process itself.

Let’s look at some of the challenges that a normal recruiter would face right from scheduling the meeting to hiring the employee.

Top 5 challenges faced by interviewers/ HR

Keeping track of qualified candidates and ranking them would help hiring better employees. There could be a lot of parameters that an individual recruiter looks for in a candidate, all of this needs to be in the incorporated in the tool that they are using, that sadly isn’t the case with many solutions available.


Keeping track of meeting schedules with hundreds of potential candidates everyday could be a cumbersome activity, the Hiring Manager/HR has to check the availability of the candidate and the interviewer without any lapse. Incase of rescheduling, this again has to go through another round of back and forth with the candidate and the interviewer.

Multiple tools and platforms involved
For a simple interview, the HR has to use a different tool to schedule the meeting, conduct preliminary interview questionnaire through another platform, host the video meeting on a Video conference software, take down notes from the interview for scoring the candidate on various factors. keep track of the same to be sent to the management, separate tools to quantify the candidate and ultimately gauge their hiring efficiency process, etc. All are done on separate platforms. Imagine, if you’re a CEO, studying the data across these platforms, would be a nightmare. This isn’t efficient in any way.

Expensive Solutions for easy to fix problems
There are expensive tools that will do just about half the tasks listed, as a startup or a SMB these may not be a viable solution for short term or long term.  


Tools that are built on for many Organizations are complex by design, onboarding a new HR every time would require separate training hours spent on coaching them.

These are just some of the challenges faced by recruiters around the globe without the efficient interview and hiring platform.

All of this can be mitigated with the use of a Video Interview Software script.

What is a Video Interview Software Script?

Castasy’s Video Interview Software Script features an integrated video interview module that works in sync with its inbuilt set of tools that enhance your hiring experience. The script also can be customized to integrate with a lot of popular hiring software, so the data is maintained across different platforms that you have already subscribed to or have been using. Once you are comfortable with the Video Interview Software script features, you can slowly move away from the other tools that you are using and start using the platform as a standalone option in the future. This also brings down your Operational costs.

What are some of the Video Interview Software Script Features?

Smart Scheduler
The smart scheduler can seamlessly schedule the interviews with all the candidates and the interviewers, it can efficiently manage, modify and notify meetings.

Interactive Interview
Interactive Interview feature enables the interviewer to set questions within the interview screen, they can be answered by the candidate easily through the same platform without having to use a third party QnA module.

Grading System
Inbuilt grading system allows you to select candidates with impeccable track record and points that you’ve given them based on the interview, convert those and choose them as benchmark for future candidates. This would act as a filter to sort the candidates that you are looking for much faster in the future. If you’re planning to use your inhouse AI solution/ looking to build a custom AI backed ERM, this output data model can also be for training it.


Easily record all the meeting sessions with the candidate for later use/reference for the management. All it takes it a single click.

Apart from Video feature, a chat feature enables the interview / candidate to share any link for reference. The chat is powered by and requires minimal maintenance.

Screen sharing
One of the necessary Video interview Software Script features is the ability to share the screen, where the candidate can share his/her screen with the interview to show the solution or a method of arriving at the solution as part of the interview.

Feedback Mechanism
Feedback mechanism allows the platform to constantly improve the hiring process. At the end of each interview, the candidate can rate their experience. This would be passed onto the Hiring team for improving their interview process.

Secure Meetings
The meetings have to be secure and only the intended candidate should be able to attend the meeting. There would should be multiple meeting rooms that can easily manage this.

Private Notes
For the convenience of both the interviewer and the candidate, the platform should have note taking feature, that makes it easier for jotting down important information/points. This will be accessible only by the respective individual.

Artificial Enabled meeting transcription feature understands each word that is being said and then converts it into text, products like Castasy, use highly accurate transcriptional APIs to make this feature possible. Text to speech has been around, but the accuracy of the technology has increased only in the recent years (if you consider various dialects and accents).

About Castasy

Castasy is a turnkey Video Meetings script that enables any entrepreneur to start a instant meetings platform business like Skype, Zoom. You can literally setup your own platform in just an hour.

These are some of the ideal Video Interview Software Script features that are mandatory in a Video Interview platform. If we’ve missed out any other feature, please do let us know in the comments below.

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