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Top 10 Binance clone script products

Good News: Now you can run a Binance like Cryptocurrency exchange from inside the Binance cloud itself! Yes. Binance is offering its infrastructure to run your exchange. Not just that, they also offer the required software, security and help required to run your exchange. All you need to do is run the business successfully. Binance just takes a commission on the transactions you. You can get more information this here. Why do you need a Binance Clone Script when this option is available.

Entrepreneurs looking to foray into the Cryptocurrency Exchange business look up to Binance for its operational supremacy among other factors. If you’re planning to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange, Have a look at these Binance clone script products below that would help you get started right away.

#1 BitExchange Binance clone script (Check here)

Bitexchange’s Cryptocurrency Exchange script is feature-packed and it looks like a Binance clone script right out of the box (After enabling Sonance template). The crypto exchange script is powered by a trading engine, works in sync with the order book swiftly to match the right buyer with the appropriate sell orders.

BitExchange cryptocurrency exchange script also features a Private Cryptocurrency wallet that is built into it. Using the Cryptocurrency wallet, you can store cryptocurrency, send or receive them. There’s a fiat wallet too but it doesn’t store fiat currency directly, but rather asks you to deposit it in the Exchange’s bank account. Once a user deposits, they will have to enter the details of the transaction in their fiat wallet “Add Deposit” section. The admin will verify it and then the fiat balance is displayed under the user account on the platform, using this he/she can purchase cryptocurrencies. It comes with a robust admin panel that allows you to manage every aspect of the site including the content and has Cloudflare based IP throttling built right into it to protect against DDOS attacks. BitExchange also allows easy integration with their addons like Exchange Remarketer (Liquidity provider), Cold Wallet Integration, to make your exchange even more powerful. One more thing, BitExchange is FREE to download.

BitExchange also offers custom feature additions and extended product development to add newer features on your exchange. There are full-time blockchain developers on hire too for working on your long-term projects or to get some quick customizations done from them.

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Industry news update:

In a recent press release Binance has announced that it has nearly doubled the ETH withdraw fees to meet up with the recent network congestion issue. They say this will help them better facilitate the ERC20 tokens and ETHER withdrawals. In another news Binance announced that it has seen huge trading volumes like never before. Experts believe this could be due to the big sell-off happening due to the Corona Virus pandemic panic globally. And that this could possibly be capitulation. Also in an exciting turn of events, Binance announced that now traders can now stake Binance futures against Bitcoin as the collateral. This can help Binance users to borrow Tether ( USDT ) by securing it with BTC as a collateral. Users will see the USDT amount credited in their wallet and BTC reduce from their spot wallet.

#2 ESPEO Binance clone script product

ESPEO offers a simple Binance clone script development and is built to have a simple and neat interface that is easy for your entry-level users. Espeo offers Exchange script that has instant and scheduled trading that can be set to happen at a later date or when the price changes. Their exchange has integrated crypto payment methods such as Coinpayments, Bitpay and the ability to allow users to deposit and withdraw funds from the script. Apart from this Binance clone script has a trading bot that manages the trade on your behalf. It even allows you to have multiple languages on the platform. If you’re looking for a simple Cryptocurrency exchange script to start your exchange, this could be your option.

Top 10 Binance Clone script products

#3 CodeZero Binance clone software

CodeZero’s Binance like project development is done on a solid Php Laravel framework and other web technologies. Using the script anyone can trade with anyone who has signed up on the platform across the world. It features a KYC module that collects the user data before they are onboarded, a bitcoin wallet, integration with Trading APIs from other supporting exchanges to improve liquidity and a dispute mechanism as well. The script even has a chat with the admin feature and a feedback score counter to make it easier for users to reach out to the admin of the platform. You’ll have to request a demo as it isn’t readily available, the experience was okay and its a decent script if you’re planning to start a cryptocurrency exchange with beginners and intermediate level users in mind.

#4 Antier’s Binance clone script

The Binance clone script product is no different from the others in the market. The Order matching engine that is built into this cryptocurrency exchange software compares and matches the correct order quickly. What needs to be seen is how it would perform in an actual business setting, where multiple customers are buying and selling concurrently. Apart from the regular features the Binance like cryptocurrency exchange script has KYC/AML verification step, Multi-Sig wallet, Trading charts, etc. Do try their demo out to see for yourself.

#5 Mlm developers’ platform 

There are three packages available for the Mlm Developers Binance Clone script. One is a self-hosted exchange model that you can pay a one time fee to download and use. The other two options are for their hosted models where a monthly recurring fee is involved. The exchange software has a built-in market maker with the option to add ERC20 tokens, but only up to 20 ERC Tokens. This could somehow be seen as a shortcoming for people who want more tokens on their exchange. The Bitcoin Exchange Script software is modular and any feature can be activated or deactivated at the customer’s will. Customers could also extend the feature to build any feature they like because of the extensive API layers and documentation that is available.

#6 Qstechnosoft software 

The crypto exchange software enhances the buying and selling experience for orders placed on the platform. Their Binance clone script has a Crypto wallet for storing the cryptocurrencies so they can buy or sell on the exchange. Their Know Your Customer (KYC) module is efficient and allows the users to sign up on the platform and you as a platform owner would be able to manually verify, approve or deny the user before they start trading. Armed with the option to Two-factor authentication as a security method enhanced. The cryptocurrency exchange software also features an advanced admin panel that allows the admin to have a full control over the Exchange. You could try contacting them to see a Demo of the software

#7 StudioFintech script

Studio Fintech’s Binance clone script has seen a major redo of its product since its launch. They have integrated some important features of the bitcoin exchange into this Binance clone script. Though this approach is unique, it is also quite confusing for the end-user who is using it when too many features from different products are rolled into one. The makers of the Binance clone script say that it has lent, Initial Coin Offering and Binary options trade where the trader can make money off the fluctuations in the market. Check out their script demo to know more.

#8 Existek’s Binance Software 

The white-labeled cryptocurrency exchange software has live trade access, lets you deposit fiat currency into their wallet and then withdraws it too. The trade limits and other restrictions are configurable on the admin panel of the Crypto exchange software. Based on the fluctuation of prices the administrator can intercept and make changes in the trading parameters. Traders also have the facility to convert cryptocurrency to any other currency on the fly at market price Via. the software. This product also comes with a mobile app that you can use to trade on the platform.

#9 Appinventiv software 

Appinventiv’s offers custom cryptocurrency exchange development too, it’s got some interesting features apart from the usual trading engine and Wallets. Customers can vote on new coins to be listed on the platform. You can host Initial Exchange Offerings based on this exchange software and get direct feedback from your customers as to which coins to include on the exchange next and urge them to buy it as well. Features like affiliate marketing, built-in user support forum, etc make a unique addition to the product offering. The cryptocurrency exchange script also supports 52+ Multi-language.

#10 Owebest software 

The script that is on offer has built-in intellectual fraud detection that helps prevent any fraudulent transaction on the platform. It understands the trade pattern to protect the customers and the Exchange owner from falling prey to malpractice by criminals. The script is positioned as a Turnkey one-stop solution for all your cryptocurrency Exchange needs. The company does custom software development and can add newer features based on your requirements.

In case you were planning to an Exchange but were thinking how to start a cryptocurrency Exchange, these software products can help you start your bitcoin exchange business.

Binance is a popular Cryptocurrency exchange that has earned a top spot for itself for its order book size and the volume of its trade.

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