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Top 10 Binance clone script products

Binance is one of the premier cryptocurrency exchange that has been in operation for a really long while. Entrepreneurs who want to foray into the Cryptocurrency Exchange business take binance as a benchmark. If you’re planning to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange, Have a look at these Binance clone script products below that would help you get started right away.

#1 BitExchange Binance clone script (Check here)

Bitexchange’s Cryptocurrency Exchange script is feature packed and it looks like a binance clone script right out of the box. At the heart of the exchange script is a powerful trading engine, that matches the buy & sell orders instantly with the right orders. It also features a built into cryptocurrency wallet for all the supported cryptocurrencies on the platform and a fiat wallet as well. Your users can store cryptocurrency, send or receive them, add a fiat deposit, request withdrawal etc. It comes with a robust admin panel that allows you to manage every aspect of the site  including the content and has Cloudflare based ip throttling built right into it to protect against DDOS attacks. BitExchange also allows easy integration with their addons like Exchange remarketer (Liquidity provider), Cold Wallet Integration, to make your exchange even more powerful. BitExchange is FREE to download.

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#2 HYIPSHOP Binance clone script product (check here)

HYIPSHOP offers a simple Binance clone script that has a clean interface that is easy for your users who are beginners to use. The exchange script allows instant and scheduled trading, they have integrated coinpayments, Bitpay APIs and the ability to allow users to deposit and withdraw from the script. This binance clone script also boasts of a 10 level affiliate marketing and a trading bot. It even allows you to have multiple languages on the platform. If you’re looking for a simple binance clone script to start your exchange, this could be your option.

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Top 10 Binance Clone script products


#3 SellBitBuy Binance clone script (Check here)

SellBitBuy Binance clone script features a easy to use UI that is supported by a solid foundation. The script gives the ability for users to trade within anyone based on their location, a bitcoin wallet, integration with Trading APIs, dispute mechanism as well. The script even has a chat with admin feature and a feedback score counter. The demo experience was okay and if you’re planning to start a cryptocurrency exchange that is aimed at beginner to intermediate level users, this could be an option.

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#4 CoinsClone Binance clone script (Check here )

The Binance clone script product by Coinsclone claims to be business ready and most of the features they offer are already present in most exchange softwares. The script has Order matching engine that compares and matches the correct order types in a timely manner. What needs to be seen is how it would perform in an actual business setting, where multiple customers are buying and selling concurrently. Apart from the regular features the binance like cryptocurrency exchange script has KYC/AML verification step, Multi-Sig wallet, Trading charts etc.

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#5 Draglet Binance clone script (Check here)

Draglet Binance Clone script offers three pricing tiers for their self hosted exchange model and two pricing tiers for their hosted model. The exchange software has market maker and the option to add ERC20 tokens, but only upto 20 Token in it’s top offering. This could somehow be seen as a shortcoming for people who want more tokens to be added to their exchange. The makers of Draglet bitcoin exchange script say that the software is modular and any feature can be activated or deactivated at the customer’s will. Customer’s could also extend the feature to build any feature they like because of the comprehensive API layer present.

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#6 BitDeal Binance clone script (Check here)

BitDeal offers an enhanced buying and selling mechanism for the orders. Their binance clone script has BitGo JS wallet that allows users to store the cryptocurrencies that they buy or sell on the exchange. They also have an efficient Know your customer module that allows the users to sign up on the platform and you as a platform owner can somehow approve or deny the registrations on the site. The script also provides a Two factor authentication method that is intuitive. The cryptocurrency exchange software also features an advanced admin panel that allows the admin to have a full control over the Exchange. You could try contacting them to see a Demo of the software:

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#7 Coinjoker Binance clone script (Check here)

Coinjoker’s Binance clone script has seen a major redo of their product since their launch. They have integrated some aspects of the bitcoin business into the Binance clone script. Though this approach is unique, it is also quite confusing for the end user who is using it when too many features from different products are rolled into one. The makers of the binance clone script say that it has lending, Initial Coin Offering and Binary options trade where the trader can make money off the fluctuations in the market. Check out their script demo to know more.

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#8 VMONEDA Binance clone script (Check here)

Touted as a white labelled binance clone script, VMONEDA’s exchange script has live trade access, facility to deposit fiat currency into their wallet and then withdraw it too. The limits of which are configurable on the administrator panel of the Exchange script. The trading parameters can also be changed based on the fluctuation of prices. The script also allows traders to convert cryptocurrency to any other currency on the fly at market price Via. the exchange script. The software is accompanied by a mobile App through which your users can trade on the website easily.

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#9 CODONO’s Binance Clone script ( Check Here

Codono’s offering in this category is features pack the punch, it’s got some interesting features apart from the usual trading engine and Wallets. Features such as New coin voting where the coins to be listed can go up for a voting session and get direct feedback from your customers as to which coins to include on the exchange next, Affiliate marketing,  built-in user support forum etc make a fine addition to the product offering. The cryptocurrency exchange script also supports 52+ Multi-language.

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#10 Merkelon Binance clone script (Check Here )

The script that is on offer has built-in intellectual fraud detection that helps prevent any fraudulent transaction on the platform. It understands the trade pattern to protect the customers and the Exchange owner from falling prey to malpractice by criminals. The script is positioned as a Turn key one stop solution for all your cryptocurrency Exchange needs.

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Incase you were planning to an Exchange but were thinking how to start a cryptocurrency Exchange, these binance clone script products can help you start your bitcoin exchange business.


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