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Top 10 internet business ideas 2017

With our Top 10 Internet Business Ideas 2017 list, we wanted to share with you some interesting ideas we stumbled upon that will make it big in 2017.

Also take a look at the list of general Business Ideas for 2017


1. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping, is a concept that has been around for a while, making only a few retailers rich. It was treated mostly as a secret within the drop shipping community. Drop shipping involves, selling other people’s products through your online store. The fulfilling is done by the product manufacturers itself, so all you have to do is in-store marketing. Drop Shipping is relatively easier to start with minimal investment as you don’t have to take care of the manufacturing and fulfilling the order. It’s one of the easiest ways so we thought we should list it in the first position of our Top 10 internet business ideas 2017 list

2. eCommerce 

This isn’t new, it’s about the right time where consumers are opening up to the idea of buying stuff online. The trust factor among the customers have risen in the past few years, and availability of payment options have widened, this opens up the ease of transacting. You can easily use woocommerce or Prime Fusion ecommerce platform to start your store immediately. we couldn’t miss this one on our top 10 internet business ideas 2017

3. Startup PR

Everybody needs to get the word out about their business, Big or small. Startups (Early stage startups in particular) need Press to write about them and get the word out.

Since we have a lot of startup magazines and tech magazines the time to reach out to them would be too much. You can even use submission services like LaunchToast, who can help in submitting a startup to different magazines. Which is why we had to mention this on our top 10 internet business ideas 2017 list.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are useful resources to senior management. Again, for a startup CEO who can’t afford a full time employee who can keep track of things for him and expedite things on their behalf. You’ll have to be virtually there to get things done at the speed of light. Obviously, time management skills are a pre-requisites.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, believe it or not makes good revenue, if done right. A lot of products online (digital mostly) offer a good affiliate income  to those who promote it on their site. You can start a blog about a particular niche and write content about it to bring in visitors. Make sure, the product you are placing the affiliate link / banner for is also of the same niche your content is about. Select specific products that have more sales, and it has a higher chance of selling.

6. eBook Author

If you like writing and want a more elaborate platform, eBooks are a great way to share ideas. You can share business tips, cooking recipes, marketing How-To and just about anything that will add value to your readers. Find the best way to the gather interesting content and format it in such a way that your user will see the quality of work that has gone into it. Always make sure you do a proper research about the topic you’re handling. Otherwise, it could backfire too.

7. Uber for X 

Stems from the previous years research, still there are ecommerce platforms trying to crack what Instacart, postmates etc have done. To even enter the competition, you need a strong instrument which can give you the winning edge against the competitor. Uber for X model has been adopted by a lot of companies, like Amazon Prime Now etc and is still in it’s early stage. Probably in terms of execution, you have what it takes to make it work better. There’s only one way to find out; by doing it.

You can also use a third party development agency like App Jasmine etc who have these readily available, so you can buy and test the whole model before looking for funding and developers.

8. Dating App

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Tinder is / was a hook up app. It’s still a little better than some services available currently in the market. People are still not happy with whats currently available, primarily because they still meet a lot of irrelevant and potential dangerous  matches. There are some creepy people out there, but Tinder still doesn’t have a mechanism to track and keep them at bay. It’s sad that being in the dating business which involves a lot of privacy issues and not whetting your customers for the safety of the community is actually wrong on part of these Dating apps.

If you’re developing the app by yourself or you buy a readily available white-labelled app, you can probably execute it better with your own strategy.

9. Mini Marketing Unit

Marketing is a skill that a lot of startups want and need, but fall short of it. What if you sold marketing service for these startups. You can do small marketing activities daily for them, slowly building up their reputation online and increase their sales effort through you service.

When a lot of people find it useful, word travels around the internet and soon you’ll have the startup community signing up for your service. Your service will add value to them and to you as well.

10. Teach Online

Internet is finally being used the way it was intended to, people are now taking to services like Udemy, ScriptMode, Lynda etc to learn new things, right from coding to even teaching the art of Theatre and Acting. There’s even a course by Kevin Spacey, where he teaches you acting, which I signed up for 🙂  (Check Here) . The millennials and the ones after are used to the comfort of learning online through these mediums. It’s only wiser to reach out to them in those platforms. As an instructor on their platforms, as more people show interest, they market your course and ask people to sign up for it too. Once people enroll, you could potentially call it a good source of revenue. All you have to focus would be on making new courses.

Remember, Pick one thing this year and do it religiously. Again and again and again. Once you’ve mastered that move to the next idea and build on it.

Not enough of ideas? Well the internet is always evolving with new trends and technologies and everyday a new potential Unicorn is appearing in the market. We will keep a constant watch for more emerging and profitable ideas. Watch this space as we bring in more interesting areas like Virtua reality, 3D printing, IOT ideas etc. You can also follow this post on Online Business ideas for crisp explanation on each idea that can be executed instantly and easily.

8.6 out of 10
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