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Top 10 Lemonstand themes & templates.

Lemonstand, we wanted to zero in on some lemonstand themes, we couldn’t find many options though. We picked out some of the best from the lot we found. Here’s them mentioned below.


Minimalism is the word. Zest, is all about that. A simple, minimal and responsive theme for LemonStand that’s easy to customize. Light on the inside and out. Based on the modern ZURB’s Foundation CSS framework. This Lemonstand ecommerce template is patched in with modules that you can strip out, add new ones in, and use this theme as a base for your brand new look. It’s free and quite Zesty.

Lemonstand themes & templates

                                                                                   View Demo  BUY NOW

2. La Boutique Pro

La Boutique Pro for Lemonstand is a sleek responsive eCommerce theme built for LemonStand v1 with 16 built-in color palettes, the storefront features a Stripe payment module and a Store locator module. The theme is built solid with Twitter’s Bootstrap front-end framework. The Lemonstand eCommerce theme’s functionality and versatility provides you with the necessary tools to weave elegant eCommerce sites to suit your products and customers. Definitely to make your products look like an eye candy.

Lemonstand themes & templates

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3. DARWIN Lemonstand eCommerce template

Darwin lemonstand ecommerce theme let’s you start a multi or single vendor marketplace. Features a design that occupies the full width of your browser subtly, Darwin strives to be a well designed option for many. The Darwin Lemonstand Ecommerce template features a set of 14 pages. The pages that come pre-packaged are, a Home page with all the necessary modules spread out across the page, a well arranged Product page with modules for cross selling, Shops listing page that brings all the product to the forefront, a shop page to list all the products in it, Categories page which shows all the products in a particular category, Checkout page, Login page, Registration page, Profile page, User account page, Seller page, Search page, Tracking page, Orders page etc.

Lemonstand themes & templates

Darwin Lemonstand ecommerce theme: View Demo BUY NOW

4. Curie 

Curie is a Premium Responsive Lemonstand template to start a marketplace or a store for products that are hand-made or curated. Curie draws it’s design inputs from top Interaction design research firms around the world.

If Etsy had a cousin, curie would be it. But the functionalities are a world apart. Curie Lemonstand eCommerce template, you can setup a single vendor store in moments or a multi-vendor store. It comprises of different views: The Home page, with the product banner and other products available with reviews about them, a Product view page, which as all the details of the product along with various modules for recommendations and social sharing, a Shop page to list all the products available in the shop, search details page, Profile page of the Seller to show if he has any other shops and a Category list page for displaying all the category of products that the seller has. Curie is built on responsive bootstrap and follows the best coding practises as laid out by 3Dcart Commerce.

Lemonstand themes & templates

Curie Lemonstand eCommerce template: View Demo  BUY NOW

5. Faraday Single Product Lemonstand eCommerce template

If you’re looking for an elegant eCommerce template, Take a look at Faraday. It’s elegant and is based on the latest design trend called, block design. This clean & minimalist Lemonstand eCommerce theme lets you start a single product store. The template is based on Bootstrap. The idea behind the design is that it should create space and symmetry to showcase your product. Something that major corporations have used so long to register the product on your mind, subliminally.The template has all the essential sections like: A fantastic faded HERO image section to give it an amazing entry. Video section for your product video, a Closer look at your product section, 360 degree rotatable product view section, Team roster section, Blog post section & is available in two header variations.


Faraday single product eCommerce template: View Demo BUY NOW

Lemonstand review

Stores Big or Small, Lemonstand eCommerce has got ’em all. Build stores that look just right, in a heartbeat. Lemonstand has been in the eCommerce landscape for a while, helping people build their dream online stores.

We’ve covered some lemonstand eCommerce themes & Templates that would suit your business. If you’re using lemonstand these are your best themes available so far. If you’ve found any other great themes, hit us up in the comments below. Power to you!

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