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Top 10 Mobile Recharge Software

Getting mobile recharge script is also an easy task. You can start your own venture about recharging your mobile phones and gaining likeable amount from each transaction. Let’s see how to start with the top 10 mobile recharge software providers:


We have seen the use of Paytm in our lives recently. To build a business in the similar field, recharge script has script with various features, lets have a look:

  • User Friendly Interface: It won’t be difficult for you to access or toggle between pages in the website. It is one easy to use and understand website. Easily accessible by even the kids at home or the ones who are aged. Very User Friendly.
  • Secured: The script has been developed in such a way that there are no loop holes when it comes to security. For similar purposes they have integrated the concept of CAPTCHA to securely access one’s account.
  • Message Notifications: If you make a payment or any offers are available, you get SMS alerts to notify you that you have made a transaction or any offer is available for you to avail easily.
  • Unique Design: You will get quite unique designs to your exposure. These designs can be used as it is by you or can be even customized your own way.
  • Customer Support: This script has also greatly encouraged the feature of Customer support by providing chat option or getting through the frequently asked questions.
  • CMS: Content is also managed carefully, in order to make it SEO friendly and make users equally understandable.

Apart from these general features which we can find in any of the simple websites, we also have some advanced or unique features:

  • Multiple Mobile Recharge Support: So, it is not necessary that you can make just one recharge happen for a particular number. But you can have multiple mobile recharge API support to give you the privilege of recharging as many numbers as you want.
  • Multiple Routes to send SMS: When an alert is sent it validly means that it is important. Either as a confirmation of some payment done, or any offers. So, there are various routes provided. In return the customer is never void or delayed of getting an alert.
  • Transaction Report: With this script, you can also keep track of the transactions that have been made by the customers.
  • Real Time Price: You can anytime keep in control the prices and ensure real time pricing.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: You can always have options for making payments: Credit, Debit, Net banking and PayPal.

2. InstaLoad:Mobile Recharge System-

InstaLoad is the Mobile Recharge System where we can get the script of the famous recharge systems. What all can be done?

  • Well, multiple recharge can be done with this script and you have nothing to worry. It supports getting recharged done multiple times.
  • Gain control of your own customers and their own transaction histories.
  • Not only simple mobile recharges but through U money you can also make online money transfer as well.
  • As an admin you can anytime Update or remove a recharge request
  • Create own user’s account and many more.

After buying the script what all do we get?

  • 6 months of free support from rifta636, with a mere fee of $9.36 we can extend the support to 12 months.
  • Regular Quality checks by Envato
  • Ensure Regular updates in your own script as well for lifetime.

3. Tower4 Recharge:

This here is for automatic recharges made not only for mobile phones but for DTH recharges as well.

  • With unique attributes you can trust them for multiple routes for sending SMS as sending SMSes and getting information is utterly necessary.
  • As an admin, you gain a control over others by having operators in control for you.
  • The security is undertaken with utmost priority by delivering CAPTCHA for the website. CAPTCHA helps in maintaining security factors.
  • Customer can make his own login and change details whenever he feels like.
  • Transfer of money and transaction for payments can be done easily and without taking in consent the security factors as they have already been taken care of.

4. DoitSolutions- Mobikwik Clone Script:

This script bridges major gaps between customer and his transactions by offering simple solutions to the way a payment is done. This script is for doing recharges varying from DTH, Mobile, Data Cards, Online Recharge Script and many more. Features:

  • Easy management of users
  • Long Code access
  • Access to multiple routes for sending SMS alert

5. Popular Clones:

This is a unique way to handle your recharges and get done with them. They offer some unique features that probably may serve the purpose to make your business a different deal.

  • Themed Interface: So, customers who worry about their recharges being done, you are providing them a platform to get it done easily and clear all payment issues.
  • All Recharges: If it is simple mobile recharge to the gas recharge, everything is taken care of and can be done online by availing offers and gaining some discounts.
  • Highly Customized: You can customize it according to your needs and requirements.
  • E-Wallet Recharge: You can maintain an e-wallet making payments through it and enjoy the services.

6. ModuleSoft:

Modulesoft deals with mobile, DTH and Data Card recharge scripts. It offers simple and  quick recharge facility for major cellular services like Aircel, Bsnl, Idea, Reliance GSM and many more.

  • Get easy recharge done with their simple facility.
  • Strong back-end force that binds all their processes and maintains the information in a valid way
  • Economical enough to get this script for your own business
  • Telecom industry is favoring the market, get your business started and get amazing results with your own unique features.

7. KartCastle:

Devoting big time to the telecom industry, we have another option to serve our needs and get the recharge done easily for customers. Kartcastle here is loaded with features:

  • Not just a single option, but it is integrated with various payment platforms that will help to make payments variably easy.
  • If the customer wishes to abandon his previous transaction or recharge, then that is also made possible by its extreme unique feature and can be customized according to your use.
  • You will be shown the real time prices and that will help the customers to gain prospective about the current prices.
  • Discount/offers available to make some money after the amount charged to the customer.

8. Nevon Projects:;

Apart from using Php, this new website uses instead to develop the script. Features it has to offer:

  • Avoid buying recharge cards and get yourself simple online recharge methods.
  • Being the admin you have the power to make new schemes, add new operators, make new tariff plans, keep updates on or simply make enhancements.
  • Customers can variable get all the benefits and can maintain their accounts and transaction as well as payment scenarios.
  • Very user friendly, is marked as very user friendly platform to build upon.
  • No complex front end screens, just simple click and go to other tabs

9. India Mart:

With amazing features, India Mart is here providing us with a great API to handle all recharges and user demands for payments.

  • Multiple Long Code Response For Sms Recharge
  • Multiple Mobile Recharge API Support
  • Bulk Sms API support for Response Sms
  • Instant Mobile Recharge Services from API
  • Easy Operator Shifting
  • Hardware and Mobile Recharge API Support

10. ScriptStore:

  • Available for all type of recharge services: DTH, Data Card, Mobile etc.
  • So many offers and coupons available, to attract customers and gain popularity in the market
  • Every transaction customer makes, reward points or value added offers are given to him. These make customers more like able to use your script.
  • You will be offered complete script for making transaction happen.
  • Integrated with payment gateways to ensure safe and secure payment.


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