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Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts

With the growing needs and growing technological advancements, our dependency on a single app doesn’t sound good. We might have planned for a similar business like Paytm but reverted due to lack of technical influence to create own app. So, worry not, we have Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts sorted here for you:

  1. Prevue/Paytm Clone Script: 

Ever wonder of starting your own business in developing a mobile digital Wallet? Then, stop worrying about the technical developments when Prevue has already created a clone script for Paytm for your use. Prevue provides some amazing features where you get

  • An extensive admin panel: You are the master of your own app, you need the controls to make sure that everything is managed properly and efficiently. To manage the customers as well as the service providers. You are providing them the base to connect, so make it more user friendly.
  • Phone 2 phone instant payments: As one of the extensive features of Paytm, this clone script will also give you the freedom of allowing users to make payments from one phone number to another phone number. This ensures easy access to making payments securely and efficiently.
  • Secure login system: The login system needs to be securely refined from any kind of discrepancy or bugs. With Prevue’s clone script you can be assured of that factor. For same, they have incorporated 2 way authentication process to make sure the user is confined within his details. So many clients already in the run, have been using this and have never raised security issues.
  • Economical: Make sure to sit back and relax when you have access to a super easy script like this which is equally easy to inhale and economical in all prospects. Once you get the script, you also get hands on to the white labelled script and well developed Android/IOS app.
  • Customization: You have the freedom to develop your own app your own way even after getting the script. You can extend the variables of the script and use it.

Buying this amazing script, you have a perfect solution to your business that had been on a hold for a while. Facing no technical issues, getting support from their team even after installation, getting 100% source code with 2 Mobile Apps in Android and IOS, and a panel to control all the activities by users. If this is what you have been looking for, go with their script and have a hassle free digital wallet business experience.

      2.Payment Processor Script:

With the upgraded technologies used for building up the script like PHP, HTML, MySql, javascript, Json is far more secure and can be operated by any business owner because it is easy to operate. The script provided is worth any cost by their sources. They offer some amazing features like:

  • You get the access to full source code by them. You can review or edit according to your own use.
  • Not only this, but you also get their premium service of support for 6 months.

You may think, you need their help for setup and installation of the software, they are readily available for whatever help you may require from the initial stage to the stage where you will need to install it on your server.

  • Apart from support activities, you get a front end panel to acknowledge the clients and their transaction details.

Once you get your hands on over the software, you can easily get your business growing by inviting more and more clients and giving them the easy right for payments.


The product is a huge sum of everything that you would need to create your own payment gateway. When we start with a business we are little skeptical about the way it would go. We are not sure about the products that we wish to use. For all such needs to be met, we have to trust the right product.

Expanding from developing a HYIP Software for making investment needs met by them, they developed a PayPal clone script and are now in the market selling this. The script is full of features and gives you the look and feel of a payment gateway.

Let’s go through how they have developed the script and how good it is for our business needs?

Following various features like extending their services for shopping cart, subscriptions and making donations, they have also developed in built features to make mass payments from a single being. This is generally considered one of the most crucial task that members would love about using the script.

4.Do It Solutions: is a great way to stat your own payment gateway. They have developed a clone script for Paytm and you can use it by purchasing it from them and customize it in your own way. This has been a great way until now. The features that they have included are:

  • You will have a user module and an admin module
  • You can make payment transfer happen from one wallet to another person’s wallet or even to your bank account
  • You also have email and message invoice generation
  • Simply pay to another mobile number or via QR code
  • Ticket booking portal, generating a coupon code
  • Maintaining beneficiary details on the portal
  • Tracking of your payments online.
  • App for both android and IOS
  • Get reports annually, monthly and daily

With all these aligned features, you get yourself an app like Paytm and you can easily enjoy all the features.

Apart from these you also get

  • CAPTCHA for security
  • Message Alert
  • Advanced User and Admin Panel

This whole package has plans accordingly:

  1. One domain Encrypted+ Web+ Mobile App (1 year support): 3.5 Lac
  2. Web Full Source+ Mobile App+ 1 year support: 5.5 Lac
  3. Web+ Full Source+ 3 years of support: 7.5 LacPaytm is one of the leading apps used by almost every Indian for their use in day to day life. They are into every task, making it utter easy for us to make payments for all our life activities. Paytm launched its services as a mode for making payments, receiving and sending money to other people. They launched the concept of digital wallet to safeguard their money in their virtual wallet and spend it for use in future. Since, that launch and its extreme success now Paytm has launched its footprints in every single business for payment.

5. Guru Recharge Script:

They have an amazing hold on providing market solutions for clone scripts of the popular recharge websites/payment gateways. Apps like Paytm and FreeRecharge can be easily remade by their clone scripts. With all the features that the basic app has provided is all included.

  • They have JOLO API integrated for recharge and payumoney for payment gateways.
  • Provision of wallet integration has been done to help users to make payments easily.
  • You can now create your own coupons and offer it your customers! helps in promotion as well
  • They have an amazing cheap price to get your own recharge website started
  • Not only features like the other normal websites, but they help you promote your own brand by instilling it at the
  • Advanced admin panel where you can add, edit users, make recharges happen, offer 12 different themes, give promo codes and have a full responsive app/website.

Like other payment gateways, we have been exposed to many such gateways lately. Be it PayPal, Payveer or any other such gateway, we have always integrated them to our business needs to make payments. The integration is not that cheap and can even cost you bars. What if you develop your own payment gateway and make it available for others to integrate or use it for your personal business use.

We have many companies who willingly offer great services by offering their clone scripts of popular websites/apps. Similarly we have GuruRecharge which provides clone script for Paytm.

They have developed it using PHP, mysql, Bootstrap and jQuery. They have configured all the basic features of Paytm app and have provided it with the script that you can buy and use it.

Get the demo HERE.

6. iTech Script Paytm Clone

A payment gateway is basically the one which acts as a secure bridge between our online store and our internet merchant account. What we know it as is that it is an e-commerce provider that deals with online payments. Payment gateways are encrypted with security measures to ensure that the information passed between the customer or merchant is securely done and sensitive information is carried on safely. A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal and the Front End Processor or acquiring bank.

iTech Payment Gateway Script is a web based payment gateway software developed using jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

Their script has helped to develop websites like these: Coinify, E-xact, Wemakewebsites, Mindbodyonline, Trekksoft, Professionalontheweb, Vietnamgolftrophy, Ndottech etc.

7. Epay Enterprise Software

Epay Enterprise provides us with varied solutions by providing us with various features apart from providing just the clone script for PayPal app. So, Epay enterprise have got us the right features for meeting pour needs. What are those features you may ask?

  • EWallet: To store your money securely in the digital format or even bitcoins
  • Exchange Platform: To sell off bitcoins and get USD funds instead via Paypal
  • Not only supports payment gateways but also supports shopping cart, making donations or even get subscriptions
  • Full customization available, you can suggest your own edits, color formats or logos.
  • Also has in built Escrow services with Ez-Escrow Module.
  • Affiliation is no more a problem, It is provided in built with the module.
  • Special techniques available to encrypt the PAY NOW button.
  • Instant Payment Notification is available as well.

In this script we don’t only have payment gateway to make, but also the feature of having eWallet. You have got fixed, if you even need to build anything close to bitcoin cryptocurrency eWallet or online payment system. Epay Enterprise Software has been developed by Alstrasoft, and with proper planning and advertisement this business can gain immense success rates.

8. iTech Script:

A payment gateway is basically the one which acts as a secure bridge between our online store and our internet merchant account.

iTech Script has been one of the greatest in the markets by providing amazing features along with the support for installation and setting up the whole setup in your own server. Their prices are amazingly cheap as compared to the services they have to offer. They have ensured various features in their script. They are:

  • Provide android and IOS app for no additional costs
  • PayPal integrated
  • Send/receive money from any member
  • Deposit funds
  • Add/Edit/Delete card details

What can we get in additional pricing?

  • Logo/banner designing
  • SEO Service
  • Shared Hosting
  • Infographic presentation
  • Promotional video

What we know it as is that it is an e-commerce provider that deals with online payments. Payment gateways are encrypted with security measures to ensure that the information passed between the customer or merchant is securely done and sensitive information is carried on safely. A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal and the Front End Processor or acquiring bank.

9. Wallet Pro: 

Exactly, what we need to look for when we are seeking a Paytm Gateway script. Various features bound to get involved with an amazing payment gateway script from Code Canyon- Wallet Pro.

  • So, if you are the owner of the script, you need not worry about the ways you will earn the money. Form every transaction and withdrawal you get a small amount towards your profit.
  • With this CMS, you are getting almost everything and are deprived of no feature to worry about.
  • For all the payments done, with Wallet pro we have PayPal and Stripe integrated and so easy transactions are made.
  • No need to gallop huge technical knowledge, because even a newbie can get started with this. Such user friendly installation steps and easy way to get it.
  • Strong SQL Injection protection, allowing no hacker to swoop in the system and hamper the information.
  • You can create profiles whenever a new user logs in. So, it is dynamic in nature and can be managed easily.

10. PayU biz:

Loaded with similar features like the other payment gateways, where you get features like:

  • Auto OTP read and fill.
  • Retry can be done magically- No transaction will be lost in between and will be carried off where left
  • Easy storage of customer’s card details.
  • No CVV required to be filled
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