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Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts

The pandemic has presented us with the opportunity to innovate and create new businesses in the Fintech industry. Here are the Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts that you can use to start your own Fintech business instantly.

  1. Blockchain-powered Paytm Clone Script: (Check Here)

The Blockchain-powered Paytm Clone script is a robust payment platform that enables people to make payments across the border and with the right strategy, can partner with other businesses to grow 10X. Let’s look at some of the features of this payment gateway script.

  • An extensive admin panel: Manage the customers and service providers efficiently in one place. The admin can monitor and maintain important aspects of the platform.
  • Phone number to Phone number Quick payments: Users can make payments to another user on the platform by just keying in their phone number, the transaction happens almost instantly. This is an easier way of making payments securely and efficiently.
  • Secure login system: A secure login would ensure that only the person intended to access the account has it. With this Paytm clone script, you can be assured of that factor. For the same, they have incorporated 2-way authentication process to make sure the user is confined within his details. So many clients already in the run, have been using this and have never raised security issues.
  • Economical: The payment system is built on the best and the latest technologies that offer speed, scalability and faster transaction rate all while keeping the product cost low.
  • Customization: You can customize the product the way you want to and it can be done easily.

When you buy this script, you get amazing support from a customer-friendly team along with FREE future updates to the version of the product. You also get 100% source code with 2 Mobile Apps in Android and IOS, and a panel to control all the activities by users.

      2. PayMoney Payment Processor Script: (Check Here)

PayMoney Payment Processor Script offers products done on the latest technologies like PHP7, HTML5, MySql5.x & Upwards, javascript, JSON is far more secure and can be operated by any business owner. They offer some amazing features like:

  • You get access to the full source code of their product. You can review or edit according to your requirements.
  • They also offer Premium Support for 6 months.
  • Should you need assistance with installing their software, they’re are available to help you out in this Premium Support package. Beyond which you will have to shell out for the support.
  • Apart from support activities, you get a front end panel to manage the clients and their transaction details.

Using this complete package they offer, you can run a successful business by setting up their payment gateway script.

3. KingsMen HYIP script ( Check Here)

On our list of Payment Gateway Scripts, KingsMen HYIP script is our third favourite option. The newest entrant into the Hyip market has a professional and clean interface that will make it easier for anyone using the platform.

The script is developed by industry professionals who have built other cryptocurrency-related products. The product mainly focuses on the usability and trading aspects.

Some of the features of this script are:

  • Invest Calculator
  • Lending module
  • Deposit fiat
  • Crypto wallet
  • Mass payouts (For admin)

4. ProInvest Cryptocurrency lending software (Check Here)

ProInvest is an amazing Payment Gateway Script. Using the script, you can start lending and trading all through one platform. The features that they have included are:

  • You will have a user module and an admin module.
  • You can make payment transfer happen from one wallet to another person’s wallet or even to your bank account.
  • You also have email and message invoice generation
  • Bitcoin, ETH and other cryptocurrency trading
  • Lending cryptocurrencies
  • Maintaining beneficiary details on the portal
  • Get reports annually, monthly and daily
  • CAPTCHA for security
  • Message Alert for transactions.
  • Advanced User and Admin Panel

5. BoomPay Modern Payment Gateway Script (Check Here )

Boompay offers a turn-key Crypto Payment Gateway Scripts for any entrepreneur who plans to start their fintech venture. The script is ready to deploy and can be easily customized as well.

Some of the features that the script boasts are:

  • Robust APIs: Necessary APIs to integrated into other services and build future enhancements over it.
  • Integrated Wallet: The wallet has been integrated to enable the loading of wallets by customers to recharge later.
  • Coupons: You can now create your own coupons and offer them to your customers. It helps in promoting the platform as well.
  • Know Your Customer Verification: KYC is required for anyone to use the wallet and send/receive money
  • Integration: Easy integration with websites to make it smoother for others to integrate your platform.
  • Admin Panel: Advanced admin panel where you can add, edit users, Process pending recharges, Generate promo codes and offer customer support right from the admin dashboard.

The script is developed using Laravel Php, bootstrap and MySQL and it offers some security measures to keep the product secure.

The company also offers integration of this product as a service to customers who need them. They also partner with companies to create payment systems that can be used for Cross-Border payments.

6. BitMine Crypto Mining and Payment Gateway script (Check Here)

BitMine is a crypto mining script and a payment gateway rolled into one. The script is encrypted and has some basic security measures put in place. The script is completely configurable by the admin to allow member preferential rates on interest and other features.

BitMine Crypto mining and Payment Gateway Script is a web-based payment gateway software developed using Laravel PHP and MySQL.

7. Maxprofit Multipurpose Investment & Trading Script (Check Here)

Maxprofit is a feature-packed Investment and trading platform that features an Over the Counter Cryptocurrency exchange inside the wallet, this product is a strong contender on our list of Payment gateway scripts.

Here are the features:

  • EWallet: To store your money securely in the digital format or even bitcoins
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform: To sell off bitcoins and get fiat currency right into your bank account.
  • Not only supports payment gateways but also supports shopping cart, making donations or even get subscriptions
  • Full customization available, you can suggest your own edits, color formats or logos.
  • It also has inbuilt Escrow services with Ez-Escrow Module.
  • Affiliation is no more a problem, It is provided inbuilt with the module.
  • Instant Payment Notification is available as well.

If you require additional customization to the product shoot a mail to [email protected] The team can customize this script to add a full-fledged OTC exchange and P2P exchange functionality for other cryptocurrencies as well. The team of developers who have worked on this product have built global payment systems that are functional in multiple countries.

8. Fintech Payment Gateway Script (Check Here)

A payment gateway is basically the one that acts as a secure bridge between our online store and our merchant account. Fintech Script has been one of the greatest in the markets by providing amazing features along with the support for installation and setting up the whole setup in your own server. They have ensured various features in their script. They are:

  • PayPal integrated
  • Send/receive money from any member
  • Deposit funds
  • Add/Edit/Delete card details
  • You can build mobile apps using the APIs

Fintech’s Payment gateway has to be set up on encrypted servers with security measures to ensure that the information passed between the customer or merchant is securely done and sensitive information is passed on safely. The payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal and the Front End Processor or the bank.

9. Multicoin Payment Gateway (Check Here )

Exactly, what we need to look for when we are seeking a Payment Gateway script. There are interesting features built into this amazing payment gateway script.

  • If you are the owner of the script, You get transactional fees from every transaction done on the platform by the users.
  • The product also has an integrated CMS system that lets you post content and important information site-wide.
  • For all the payments done, with Multicoin Payment gateway, PayPal and Stripe are integrated and so transactions are made easily.
  • The product installation is easy and even a newbie can get started with it. The installation process is well-documented and you can easily get it up and running.
  • Strong SQL Injection protection, allowing no hacker to swoop in the system and hamper the information.
  • Users can even login using Phone’s One Time Password (OTP) should they forget the password.  Making it easier to access.

10. Cryptocurrency Wallet by CryptWallet (Check Here )

Cryptwallet is a simple Cryptocurrency wallet that can be integrated with any product/website that you already own. The product can also be used as a standalone wallet.  Some of the features of the script includes:

  • Auto OTP read and fill.
  • Retry can be done magically- No transaction will be lost in between and will be carried off where left
  • Easy storage of customer’s card details.
  • Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies
Top 10 Php Payment Gateway Scripts
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