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Top 5 Volusion themes & templates

Themes and Templates for Volusion are quite a few, compared to other platforms. Let’s have a look at some of Volusion’s responsive eCommerce themes & templates.

1. The Retailer Volusion theme  (Check Here)

The Retailer template for eCommerce is one of the well-designed templates that use interesting colour palettes that adhere to the buyer’s psychology. Top navigation provides easy access to all your products. All your products are categorically showcased in an elegant manner. Arrival has a responsive layout and is designed. Right from the Huge header that invites your customer with open arms, to the footer. Arrival is a strong contender for a lot of other Volusion themes and templates available in the market.

Volusion Templates

2. Basel Volusion eCommerce template (Check Here)

Social commerce or a single vendor store, Darwin has got you covered. With a layout similar to those of popular eCommerce sites like Fancy, Amazon, etc, you can create the perfect store you’ve always wanted. Basel Volusion eCommerce template comes with 14 pages. Some of the pages that you’ll get in this package are a Home page with all the necessary modules spread out across the page, a well laid out Product page with modules for cross-selling, Shops listing page, a shop page to list all the products in it, Categories page which shows all the products in a particular category, Checkout page, Login page, Registration page, Profile page, User account page, Seller page, Search page, Tracking page, Orders page, etc.

3. Kallyas Volusion Theme ( Check Here

Kallyas is a creative Volusion template to start a bespoke goods marketplace or a store for handcrafted products. This incredible theme is built using inputs from global design agencies that build marketplaces for their customers.

The theme also boasts of a multi-vendor eCommerce store capability. Volusion eCommerce template is easy to set up and has a theme settings panel from where you can control various elements of the front-end.

The template has different layouts and sections:

  • Complex Home page
  • Product Page with reviews
  • Product Experience page that has all the details about the product along with various modules for recommendations and social sharing.
  • Multivendor Listing page
  • Single Shop page
  • Search details page
  • Seller Profile
  • Category list page to display all the categories of the product on the platform.

Kallyas is built on responsive bootstrap and follows the best coding practices as laid out by Volusion Commerce.

4. Avada Volusion eCommerce template (Check Here)

Avada is an elegant eCommerce template. The theme can be used for a variety of products. The layouts are easily configurable through the admin panel and the template is built using the latest and greatest version of the Bootstrap framework.

The idea behind the design is that it should create the right ambience to showcase your product. Something that major corporations have used so long to register the product on your mind, subliminally.

  • The template starts with a gigantic Hero section with a massive image of the product.
  • Followed by the details and the Video section for your product video
  • Detailed featured list
  • a 360-degree rotatable product view section
  • Team roster section
  • Blog post section
  • It is available in two header variations.

5. Enfold Volusion Theme (Check Here)

Enfold is a fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme and gives users a dynamic viewing experience with powerful full-sized images. Taste features, high-quality imagery, branding statement, and minimal text, allowing the product to draw attention from your soon to be Customer.

Volusion themes & templates

Volusion Review:

Volusion is an eCommerce platform that lets people start their own eCommerce stores since it is a hosted platform, the cost of setting it up and managing the infrastructure is handled by Volusion itself, but a monthly/yearly charge is charged for setting up the store and running it.

These are some of the Volusion eCommerce templates, that can add value to your business. Do let us know if you have any other themes share, we’ll update it on the list.

Top 10 Volusion themes & templates
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Top 10 Volusion themes & templates
Themes and Templates for Volusion are quite a few, compared to other platforms. Let's have a look at some of Volusion's responsive eCommerce themes & templates.
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