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Distributed Ledger

Top 5 Stratis Blockchain Development companies

Stratis Blockchain is the next big thing in the Financial sector. However, there only a handful of companies that do Stratis development at this point in time. We’ve listed some of the companies where you can hire a Stratis blockchain developer or hire the entire Stratis Blockchain development company to build your cutting edge financial product.

What makes Stratis an ideal platform for financial corporations?

Stratis is a Blockchain as a Service platform that allows financial corporations use the distributed ledger technology to build products that would work with their current technology infrastructure without disrupting their service. Certain features of Stratis checks the box on many fronts.

Here are some of the Stratis Blockchain development companies who are building customer focused products of the future on the Stratis Blockchain. Some of these agencies allow you to even hire a dedicated Stratis Blockchain developer for your project.

Level 10 Stratis Blockchain development company (check here)

Level 10 is a unique Stratis Blockchain development company that builds products that are innovative and their development process is assembly line inspired. Their expertise mainly lies in the Stratis Blockchain development, Hyperledger blockchain, Artificial intelligence among other platforms. Level 10 has also worked on building their own Artificial Intelligence based Hyperledger platform called Hyperledger Turbo.

They also have dedicated stratis Blockchain developers who could work on your project at your location.

Appiqo Stratis Blockchain Development Company 

Appiqo is primarily a service based modern technology company, they adapt to newer technologies to build meaningful products for their customers. They have worked on relatively few blockchain projects, and their foray as a Stratis Blockchain development company opens up the avenue for cheaper Stratis Blockchain development. Appiqo does not provide Stratis blockchain developers on a contract basis for your project. Appiqo is headquatered in India.

Aequalis Technologies

Founded in 2014, Aequalis is based out of Chennai. Aequalis has worked on Proof of Concept blockchain based real estate solutions that resolve land dispute by creating a distributed ledger that is impenetrable. This Stratis blockchain development company efficiently handles the project right from concept to the delivery of the solution. Some of Aequalis’ expertise lies in building DApps, smart contract development, fintech product on Hyperledger to name a few and they aren’t new to the distributed ledger technology.

Bacancy Technologies 

With presence in more than 3+ countries, Bacancy technologies has been in the business for a while. Their Startis blockchain team has worked on other blockchain solutions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. They have their own in house products that provide solutions for DevOps, fintech businesses that require Wallet as a service developed on the Blockchain. Bacancy’s Stratis blockchain developers have experience working with the distributed ledger technology to deploy a secured Identity management and financial credit check framework.

Prima Felicitas 

Prima Felicitas blockchain development agency builds next generation solutions on Hyperledger, Stratis and Blockchain. Most of the projects they have worked on were earlier on taxi rental & management software, and eCommerce platform. Their team of 40+ developers have experience with working on Hyperledger based projects can extend to Stratis Blockchain as well.

BONUS: Ongraph

Ongraph is a full service Blockchain development agency right from the creative side of things to the block chain development, they offer a multitude of solutions for their customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI ), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain have been at the core of what they do. This modern development company has a team of experts in each of the service they offer. Some of their projects are focused in the Food and Beverages sector, Digital payments etc. Their approach towards handling a project right from the wire framing stage to the delivery is prompt and transparent. Ongraph is headquarted in the United Kingdom.

These are some of the top Stratis Blockchain Development companies that are available for taking up interesting projects. We’ve curated some of them, but if you feel you’d need to include some phenomenal agency or a Stratis blockchain Developer that (who) is doing an incredible job, do let us know in the comments.

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