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Top 5 websites to learn programming!

If you want to be a storehouse of knowledge and learn the skills that will make you competent and build your acumen in the field of programming and development, then here are five great websites that will help you to become a great software developer.


Codecademy is undoubtedly one of the best websites to learn programming online and they provide a very appealing learning experience to the student. Codecademy helps build programming skills in students and they get hands-on experience in the field of programming usually not possible through the formal education system.

Codecademy requires you to first sign-up and then the user gets to pick from an array of well structured courses. Build superior web developer skills with Codecademy! Build a professional website from scratch! Learn Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and other skills.

Learn the syntax of the most popular programming languages of the world like HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Codecademy makes the process of learning fun for beginners. It allows you to learn the basics of JavaScript programming in a fun way by taking a 30 minute online course to create an interactive animation of your own name. The same goes for HTML and CSS, where beginners can take a 30 minute online course to build an About Me website.

Code School

Why is Code School phenomenal? Not only does it combine gaming mechanics with the programming courses, the learning experience is sheer fun and humorous. Every course comes with a storyline that makes the user feel as if he is playing a game and not learning. Code School, offers more than 40 courses which include JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Objective C, Ruby and many more. The course content is crafted by experienced instructors and is of high quality. Users can also submit a new request if they can’t find the course they are look for. The most popular requests will decide the future of content on Code School. These are some of the reasons why Code School is a great website to learn programming.

Top 5 websites to learn programming!


Treehouse guides users to learn programming with Track, a guided learning path that cover a large subject or topic area. For example learn Web Design or iOS development with Tracks that guide you along the way.  It comes with a beautiful structured library with topic filters and sorting options that help the user to find what he is looking for. Users can pick and choose from more than a 100 courses ranging from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RUBY, PHP, WordPress, iOS, Android and many more.

Key features include quizzes and code challenges, an online forum where users can interact with other community members, workspaces where users can practice writing code, videos that are engaging and fun for the user to watch and many more.


Udacity offers what are known as ‘Nanodegree programs’ that allow students to master a set of skills and learn programming. On completion of the program, students can get jobs relevant to their skills sets. In short, Udacity offers job-oriented programs to students.

The various programs offered are Front-End Web developer, Data Analyst, Android Developer, iOS Developer and many more.

The course content at Udacity is developed by industry experts which makes it more relevant and useful. Udacity comes with more videos than any other programming website. Udacity courses are interactive and include quizzes and exercise sheets that the student can take any number of times without being penalised. At the en d of the course, there is a problem set with exercises for the students to take in order to see if they have learnt the material well. The great thing about Udacity is that students get to add a project to their portfolio on completion of the program. It could be a game or an app that they could show to their employers when applying for a job. There are no specific deadlines for Udacity courses. However coaches and mentors can guide you along and set deadlines so that the student meets his/her learning goals.


LearnSauce offers users a range of DIYs and tutorials that come with source code making it a great website to learn programming. Most tutorials are based on web and mobile development and users will learn how to build applications like Tinder and Whatsapp that are not a part of the curriculum of formal education. It’s a very inexpensive platform and subscribers have to pay an amount of $9 a month to get access to the virtual library. New tutorials are released every week, so there is no limit to the amount of things users can learn through LearnSauce.

With these incredible websites, you’ll get all the skills you need to become a top notch software developer!


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