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Top Digital Marketing Books 2017

What are the top books in digital marketing? I have read all the recent books and also the old ones that got updated to the trends. I have filtered out the best books which explain the nuts & bolts of modern digital marketing and compiled this list for you.


Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for the following:

1.) Content Marketing

2.) SEO

3.) Social Media

4.) Online Ads & Retargeting

So I have reviewed and sorted the best books in each category.


Best Content Marketing Books


Everybody Writes


Everybody Writes – Ann Handley

If you are just starting out or an experienced content writer who wants to resharpen her skills then this is the book to go for.

Everybody Writes covers very important topics that other content writing books do not talk about.

The most important thing in writing content is “Working with Yourself”.  Everybody Writes will guide you on how to work with yourself. Things like “Embracing the Ugly First Draft” are also covered.

Next comes grammar. And Everybody Writes gives you all the important guidelines on that.

Everybody Writes suggests a good system in structuring your content called “Writing GPS”. Via which it guides you to write really good stories that your readers ( Both B2B & B2C ) get hooked to

And finally the marketing part of content is covered. Everybody Writes covers how to write for various medias like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs.etc


Epic Content Marketing


Epic Content Marketing – Joe Pilizzi

While “Everybody Writes” concentrates on the writing part, “Epic Content Marketing” concentrates on the strategy and execution part of Content Marketing.

It starts with the history of Content Marketing and gives valuable insights on the future of content marketing.

Delves deep into the Business Model of Content Marketing. A Must have knowledge if Content Marketing is the bread winner for your personal/organization revenue.

Content Strategy is discussed with how to target your niche. An important skill every content marketer should develop.

Digs deep into the “Process” behind writing & marketing your niche content.



Contagious – Jonah Berger

In the Age of Social Media one needs to know the Art of Creating Viral Content. And “Contagious” reveals the basics of writing content that people will love to share.

The Psychology of Human Emotions and what triggers them is covered in depth.

And using that knowledge the book describes how to Engineer Stories that become viral.



Best SEO Books


SEO 2017 – Adam Clarke

This is the best SEO books for starters. Covers the following MUST-KNOW information in a very elegant way:

  • How Google Works
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO – Link Building
  • Measuring The Results
  • Local SEO
  • Google AdWords Brief Introduction



The SEO Battlefield – Anne Ahola Ward

A Latest O’Reilly Publication on SEO.  This is an Advanced SEO Book covering all the necessary tools in researching and managing your SEO projects.

Concentrates on the philosophy of a SEO Growth Mindset.

And has many case studies for different kinds of SEO projects.



Best Social Media Marketing Books


500 Social Media Marketing Tips – Andrew Macarthy

This is the ultimate Social Media resource. Covers:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • SnapChat
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest.

Gives tips and tricks for all the platform. Once trying out these methods for your own business, you will have a mindset that you can apply to any social media platforms of the future.




The Art Of Social Media – Guy Kawasaki

This is the SEO BattleField equivalent for Social Media Marketing.

This has all the info one needs to:

  • Setup a Professional Profile across all channels
  • Get more followers
  • Perfecting your posts
  • How to respond to users

This is a must read book if you want your followers to love you.


Best Display Advertising & Retargeting Books


Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords – Perry Marshall

As the title suggests, this is THE ULTIMATE guide to Google Adwords. No other books match its in depth user friendly method of teaching the complicated Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is where you spend money, so you need to get everything right from start.

From Keyword selection to Campaign Management. This book explains everything.



Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising – Perry Marshall


Facebook is now the second highly visited website in the Internet just below Google.

Just Like Google Adwords, Facebook also has a complicated Interface which will be daunting for the first time user.

This book covers everything from choosing the right demographics and campaign management.



The Retargeting Playbook  – Adam Berke


How to reach the 98 percent of people who leave your website without converting sales The Retargeting Playbook is a complete guide for digital marketers about how to reach the 95 to 98 percent of people who leave a brand’s website without converting. Retargeting gives advertisers the ability to stay in front of those people to bring them back and close the deal. For that reason, retargeting has emerged as a must have marketing channel.

The Retargeting Playbook clearly explains how to Setup Retargeting for your website.

Covers retargeting your customers when they open other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter.etc


Connecting Them All – The Sales Instrument

Despite implementing all the methods suggested in the books above, 99% of marketers/entrepreneurs still face issue in closing the sale. So you need to know the issues that you will face and how to solve and forge your sales machine. The Sales Instrument is the right book for you:

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