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Top 5 team collaboration software!

People within a team or an organization need to communicate frequently and often this communication is dynamic and spontaneous. A good team collaboration software hence is of utmost importance since it allows people to interact and exchange information quickly. Want to find the best team collaboration software for your team? Here’s a compiled list of five of the best team collaboration software:

Group Rocket:                                          

Group Rocket is an awesome team collaboration software from ProvenLogic. Key features include advanced search which gives you the required content that is stored anywhere, sharing of files as well as uploading and downloading them and sending push notifications about group activities. It comes with channels through which team members can converse either privately or publicly with @mentions. Group Rocket allows you to send straight and direct messages with My @Messages. You can set the team icon to name and URL, Grout Rocket is the perfect team collaboration software for any team. There are two versions of this team collaboration software one being the web based version and the other being the iOS version. Both come with great features and this team collaboration software is something you should consider for your team.


Slack is a great team collaboration software and is one of the hottest recent start-ups that has the whole tech world buzzing. Slack allows you to have separate channels. You can have a channel for a project, a team, a topic or practically anything that the group member wants to chat about. Everyone can see what’s going on since everything is very transparent. Slack allows you to send direct messages to your colleagues which are completely private and secure. You can also create private groups in order to share confidential information. One of the coolest features of slack is that it allows you to drag, drop and share files! You can send PDFs, images, spreadsheets, documents via Slack. You can also add comments, star for later reference and everything can be searched as well. It also lets you sync it with other services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc making it an awesome  team collaboration software.

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Bitrix24 is made up of better features and is also priced lower than other team collaboration software.  It is perfect for small teams and start-ups. Key features include an independent social network for collaboration, individual and group video calls, a file sharing system capable of syncing with all your devices and send you notifications when edits are made. Shared calendars, personal To Dos are some of many features of Bitrix24. It helps you to delegate and co-ordinate, making sure that the task is completed within the stipulated time.


Campfire is a web based team collaboration software that lets you create secure password-protected chat rooms in an instant. You can send invitations to clients, your team mates, or even vendors to talk and take decisions. Link any part of your company through the intranet for internal interaction and communications. There is nothing to install or download because it is a web based team collaboration software and hence all you need is internet connection and a web browser. The Campfire app for the iPhone lets you go mobile and collaborate with your team mates on the move. It comes with great features including a streamlined user interface, inline and internal viewing of popular file formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), internal Youtube viewing, being able to success all your Campfire chatrooms etc.

eXo Platform:

eXo Platform is a complete team collaboration software and an open source collaboration software that will help your team interact and collaborate more efficiently. It helps you implement features like wikis, calendars, forums and document management which are based around your team’s activities, social networking and the various workplaces. It allows you to start chats with colleagues from any location and switch between tools within your company workspace. It also allows real-time interaction capabilities like chat and video calling. eXo platform is a great team collaboration software indeed since it allows your team mates to build a good collaborative culture within your company.


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