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Top 5 dating software

Lets get straight to the list of best 5 Dating Software 🙂

Dating Framework

Considered one of the most technologically advanced dating software among the entrepreneurs in this field. It has its own Plugin framework. Robust API’s. Mobile friendly. Easy installer, Admin panel etc.  The best part is its FREE 🙂


SkaDate is one of the top and the latest trending dating software in the industry today. It comes with an encrypted source code, it provides the customers with free dating and community software’s designed by professionals. SkaDate updates every version throughout the life of the web, for free. And what is also does is, it upgrades the software every time for free too. SkaDate is a fully customized and personalized online dating software. It provides a neat and fresh design, a durable architecture, overpowering and an irresistible features, which large in number. Also provides the user with an unmatched exceptional customer care support which is again free. SkaDate furnishes a fixed and strong built platform. It helps the customers reach an unthinkable level of profit selling, it is the perfect online dating business platform. SkaDate is the community software which has various such attributes which involve a customer and keep them busy and entertained. Plus the software installation is free, this product is something exceptional and amazing.

dating software

VldPersonals can be defined as an entrusted, committed, influential, high- power and automated dating website in the social network software. VldPersonals has various features such as some of the user features are members can upload personal photos, create photo albums, video sharing, profile search, music uploads, private messaging, profile visitors, network with friends, block list, friend inviter, blogs, privacy settings, etc. Some of the site features are customizable profile fields, multiple profile types, member approval system, content reporting, build in media player, template and layout and many more. Few admin features are multiple member group, customizable member permission, website management, banner management, system statistics, custom back up and a few more.


A stable, stead and a neat dating site available PG Dating Pro. It is a ready to use script to launch a dating script fast and easily. Many features are provided such as advanced search, automatic match selection, registration forms, IM and video chats, free trial membership, Hot or not feature, flexible source code, Premium membership and many other features. The site is an ideal for partner matching, script can be installed for free and the customers are provided support and additional services from the company at any stage of the business.


Another unique and attractive dating software is Chameleon. It provides a new instant messenger, which also has a sound switch and allows to block using the blocking system. Banner system with a ready-made, ready to use flash system. Chameleon has a multiple viewing options and hence it has a wide network of user search. It provides a 3D setting and can be run in any internet browser. HTML usage is a little must here, Chameleon provides a shiny HTML forms which can be changed easily as required. Avatars can be created and changed the way wanted, funny 3D chats are also an option here, here you can play games that can be played online.  Flash maps are provided to have a GEO Social networking. Fully customizable and attractive profiles, user comments, optional listing of friends are another feature of this online dating software. Chameleon provides a unique design option and custom mods to make your site singularly unique and different in the best way. It provides a RSS feed for multiple languages, also an advanced administer CP, and Chameleon is the new era of social networking. It is an improved approach to match making, personal scripts which has attributes such as unlimited profiles for every account, upgrade packages for members, a good management system, unlimited number of pictures can be added, custom payment gateways are provided, new advanced higher security and a new structure. It is an advanced version of online dating partner website. It has new features and provides the user with various amazing attributes makes is a powerful tool.


AspNetDating is a NET-platform which is flexible and can be used to create and manage commercial supported online dating websites, social networks and community. It has a customizable ASP.  The site has 3 tiered architecture, master pages, theme, standard user controls and CSS. You can integrate your existing dating web software with the AspNetDating solutions.


To communicate over the internet is the new trend, you do not need to wait to contact your loved ones at any time of the day. Meeting a stranger and dating is very common, but what has become even more common and popular today is, online dating. Online dating, or meeting your partner on a dating website has gained its popularity over the past few years. Dating sites allow individuals to communicate over the internet and help them form a foundation before they meet up. The basic objective of dating on the internet is to develop a personal, romantic relationship between two people.

The dating software, is growing every day, and one should be aware about the best dating scripts so that they do not fall for the cheap, free dating scripts which have poor quality and are hardly of any use. One can start their own dating site using a software which they prefer. A few of the best dating scripts available today, are SkaDate, vldPersonals, PG Dating Pro, Chameleon and AspNetDating.

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