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Comparing the Top Music Players on iOS

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While most people do not use some of the best features that their powerful smartphones have to offer, they do make use of one very important feature: that of playing music. People simply love listening to music every day, and the different genres of music make it easy for people to find exactly the kind of music they’re looking for during a particular time of the day. Good music requires good music players as a complement, and that is why we’re comparing the top music players on iOS in this article.
For this comparison we picked two well-known music players, with one of them being a purely online streaming service – Spotify – and one of them being the default player in iOS – iTunes. We also picked a brand new player for this test, called AudioX, which is primarily an offline music player, but has enough features to be considered among the top music players on iOS.


Let us begin this comparison of the top music players on iOS with the default option present on all iOS devices, iTunes. This has been the go-to app for iOS users since the release of the very first iPhone, and its history goes back to more than ten years, when it was first released as an application to transfer music files between the iPod and a computer. Since then it has evolved as a full-fledged music player, and is even the gateway to downloading music and apps from the App Store.
Interface: iTunes has seen its interface become better and better from its very first iteration more than ten years back. Today it sports a neat interface for iOS devices, and yet it does seem a little cluttered because it offers a lot of options to the users.
Ease of Use: Anyone who has been using iTunes on a computer will be right at home with the app on iOS devices. The app has been repeatedly redesigned to make it simpler and simpler for the users to interact with it.
USP: While it does not have a lot of features that users are looking for, the iTunes still manages to be a good player because of its deep integration with the iTunes Store. Buying, downloading and listening to music can happen through a single app, which is quite convenient.

Next on our list of top music players on iOS is Spotify, the most popular music streaming app for iOS right now.
Interface. With a recent change in its user interface, Spotify has become less cluttered and more organized. The dark interface might not be appreciated by everyone, but it does sport a simplistic view overall.
Ease of Use. All the options are neatly organized and the main player itself works quite smoothly. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to find what you need.
USP. The huge catalogue of online music is definitely the Spotify’s best feature. You can quickly select a type of music you want to listen to, and then get a randomly generated list of songs, or you can search for specific songs of your choice.

Sharp PLayer
The new kid on the block, Sharp player definitely arrives with a bang on our list of top music players for iOS. It packs in a lot of brilliant features that make it a competitor to watch out for.
Interface. Simplicity seems to be the focus behind AudioX’s interface, as it doesn’t mess around with any complex controls. That said, it doesn’t compromise on offering the user all the necessary and important audio controls.
Ease of Use. Another area where this app scores big time. It is quite simple to use, and the user can play music quite easily. There aren’t any complicated controls or hidden features that are hard to find USP. The app has a unique audio engine that analyzes the songs and orders them into smart lists based on their beats per minute. Such lists can help you listen to certain kinds of music during different times of the day. This is no doubt quite a useful feature for audiophiles everywhere.While the older apps try their best to offer the best experience to their users, their eagerness to offer too many options complicates things a bit. AudioX solves this problem by simplifying the process of playing music on your iOS devices. That is why it goes ahead in our list of top music players on iOS, and is definitely an app to watch out for in the near future.

Comparing the Top Music Players on iOS


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