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Trendy Fintech Ideas for Hackathon

Hackathons have always been a means to create some of the best products that were in ideation. Hackathons are fun and most organizations, institutions host one these days to give space to developers to find creative solutions for problems of all scales. What If you ran out of ideas for the hackathon that is coming up soon. No problem, we’ve made a list of some of the trendy fintech ideas for hackathon.

Trendy Fintech Idea #1 : Blockchain Powered eCommerce Platform (See the idea in action HERE)

The Blockchain technology allows entrepreneurs to start businesses globally, without a lot of hassles that they would normally encounter. eCommerce is a concept that is well proven and the user flow is pretty well known to many. This idea is featured on our collection of trendy fintech ideas for hackathon list primarily because of the reason that it is easy to make, since you would be aware of the flows required for an ecommerce portal, however, the main attraction here is that you would be powering this eCommerce portal over a blockchain. You could choose to make it decentralized or just use the blockchain based payment system as a mode of payment for the users. Whichever method you choose to implement, you can be sure that it is trendy and can rank you higher than your competitors. Check this project as your reference Check HERE

Trendy fintech ideas for hackathon

Trendy Fintech Idea #2: Cryptocurrency Wallet script (See the idea in action HERE)

Storing Cryptocurrencies is a core functionality of any cryptocurrency wallet, it has to be secure and intuitive for everyone to send and receive payments easily. The main functions that a cryptocurrency wallet should have are the capability to receive the funds, store the funds in a private wallet of the user and then send it to a specific address. You can build one quickly once you know these basic functionalities and then work on securing it. You can have a look at a sample cryptocurrency wallet script to get an idea, and maybe build much more detail-oriented features to improve your final fintech product. This is our second most favorite on the trendy fintech ideas for hackathon collection.

Trendy Fintech Idea #3: Cross-border payments platform app powered by Blockchain

Cross-border payments app could revolutionize the world as we know it. One of the possibilities that the blockchain technology offers is the ability to provide Cross-border payments, as more and more businesses are going global it is extremely important to have a unified payments platform that charges low fees. Cross-border payments platform enables people to pay other businesses and users through the app. The main features of the app are a phone number based user registration panel, a Know your customer module to verify the authenticity of the user (It’s a must to comply with regulatory authority), a sender’s panel, a recipient’s panel, QR Code address generation, Business registration, APIs for mobile and mobile apps. You can get creative and all some more features that you see fit but primarily plan things around the cross-border payments use case.  Have a look at a working example here

Trendy Fintech Idea #4: Blockchain based Quick crowdfunding platform (See the idea in action HERE)

Crowdfunding is one of the successfully proven ideas around and using the blockchain technology as the payment backbone of it is taking it a step further. While building a crowdfunding platform on the blockchain, you’d need to remember that you will have to create a platform native token and then integrate a payment gateway to accept the fiat currency payments and then convert the fiat currency payments to the platform native token after which you will need to store it in a cryptocurrency wallet. Each user will have to use the funds from these wallets to back the ideas of the creators who have signed up on the platform. You can execute this among the trendy fintech ideas for hackathon if you have  4 – 5 developers with you, because of the scale of it. Have a look at a working demo here

Trendy Fintech Idea #5: A cryptocurrency price and portfolio tracking platform (See the idea in action HERE)

This is one of our favorite on the list of trendy fintech ideas for hackathon, it mostly easy but heavily design oriented. The devil is in the details for this one. You would be required to use third party APIs to get the pricing and other data, but it would require you to design the whole user experience of the site, where you will have to take care how the information is presented to the user and how they interact with it. Ensure you don’t clog the layout, follow the design standard set by a lot of information-oriented sites like Google, crunchbase etc. The other aspect of the idea is to let users keep a track of the coin prices they have invested over a period of time. You would need to build a portfolio manager into it. Unlike other trendy fintech ideas for hackathon, this is heavily information design oriented and would help you win the hackathon if you have a UI/UX designer onboard.

Know of any other trendy fintech ideas for hackathon? Do let us know in the comments, we’d be happy to share it with others.

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