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Create your Tshirt designer marketplace like Zazzle, Cafepress with Admire

An online T-Shirt business is always very exciting. T-shirts are popular with customers of all age groups and what can make the process more fun are funny captions and messages that you can print on these T-Shirts. So before you kick-start your online T-Shirt business, you need a very competent ecommerce software to help you on your road to success. This ecommerce software should come along with all the latest features to help you to set up your online T-Shirt business within no time.

Features for the customers

All T-Shirts must be provided with images for the customer to view the product along with features like Zoom. The customer should also have front view, back view etc of the T-Shirt so that it is easier for him to make his buying decision. Below the image a ‘Customize it’ button should help the user to customize the T-Shirt according to his needs and requirements. It should allow him to add his own funny caption on the T-Shirt or change the location of the caption on the T-Shirt.

Left side of the image: On the left hand side of the image, social sharing buttons have to be provided so that the customer can share his favourite T-Shirt across social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Wanelo etc. There should also be a link to help the customer to share it on his blog or website.

Below the image: The customer should be able to see a description box which describes the Tshirt and gives all the details about it.

  • Details about the style of the T-Shirt, whether it is modern or vintage.
  • Details about the size and fit of the T-Shirt.
  • Details about the textile that the T-Shirt is made up of.
  • Details about the care it needs, whether you wash it in the washing machine or whether it needs dry cleaning etc.

All these particulars have to be provided to the customer and hence a description box must be available for the vendor to type in these details.

Right side of the image: On the right side of the image, the customer should be able to see the pricing and other details.

  • Pricing.
  • Name of the illustrator or designer who designed the T-Shirt.
  • Rating and review column for the customer to provide his feedback.
  • A drop down menu must be provided with various size options like S, M, L etc for the customer to select his size. A size chart must also be provided with the chest and waist measurements along with width and length measurements of the garment.
  • A drop down menu must be provided for the customer to select the quantity or the number of T-Shirts that he wants. The customer should also be able to place bulk orders of 50 to 100 T-Shirts via the drop down menu.
  • An ‘Add to Cart’ functionality must be provided so that the customer can make his purchases.

Other features that can be provided such as Express delivery for quick delivery of the items, a like button for customers to show their appreciation etc. Customers can also create a medley of their own if they want to.
If any discount offer is currently being provided by a particular brand, then the customer should be able to apply this discount via a button on the price.

The Colour and Style options feature must provide the user with all the colour options and the various style options like Polo T-Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt, Tank tops etc so that he can make his selection. If your company is lending any discounts or deals, then this should be mentioned in a discount box below. Below all the details, other products similar to the one that is currently being viewed by the customer has be featured along with images and product names for the user to click on. The last row should be reserved for the customers to write a review or add a comment in order to encourage other buyers.

Features for the Sellers

Sellers should be able to create an individual store and add any number of T-Shirts to the online store. Every seller must get a mobile app for both Android and iOS. He should also have the complete analytics report of how many customers are visiting his store each day, how many orders are being placed every day and so on. Other features include social media sharing, support for multiple languages, PayPal adaptive payments etc.

Features for the Admin

The admin panel should enable the admin to control the entire website seamlessly. He should be able to see the overall analytics report of the number of orders coming in, the payments made etc. A dispute management system should allow him to quickly settle any discord that may arise between the sellers and customers. The admin should have the power to split the commission between himself and the sellers.

I wanted to find a website that already has the above mentioned features and one such website that I found online was VistaPrint, Zazzle, Cafepress.

While browsing, I stumbled upon VistaPrint which has a large collection of T-Shirts which can be customized according to the customer’s needs and requirements. They also have really cute coffee mugs, flyers and pamphlets. Being the nerdy geek that I am, I quickly searched for VistaPrint clone script, Zazzle clone script, Cafepress clone etc and couldn’t find anything worth mentioning. Whatever available on the web is useless and not working.

Finally, thought with few customizable modules – you can use Admire multi-vendor marketplace script from eCommercemix to customize and build your own tshirt designers marketplace like zazzle or vistaprint. All you need is Designer module to add a image ( tshirt, mug ) and pull few icons and design elements to the designer module and show the output image. Apart from this – all other modules to start a marketplace site is already available with Admire marketplace.

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