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Unicommerce Review and comparision

Unicommercerce as we all know is the one of biggest player in the market that sells cloud-based ecommerce software that follows SAAS approach. Their reputation and reach is very high as this is one of the main software that is been used by major ecommerce sites in India. What makes Unicommerce unique and what makes them stay on top inspite of huge competition for developing web-based ecommerce platforms? Lets look at a detailed Unicommerce Review in this article

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Let’s look into it in depth in this article

Unicommerce Review

Unicommerce is no different than other ecommerce platform when it comes to the theme or the features that you get. All ecommerce core features would be there by default for you to launch a business ready application. But what makes them unique is , using Unicommerce you can manage multiple inventories , carts and orders in a single click

Sounds intriguing? Yes this is where unicommerce stand out as pioneers to help sellers manage multiple inventories from a single solution. Let us get to this more in details. Say for example you have registered as a seller on multiple ecommerce platforms like Ebay , amazon , Etsy , etc and you also have your marketplace of your own to sell your products. Every time you get a new product or every time you sell a product you would have to update your inventory logging into each platform. That’s a big headache. Isn’t it?

To solve this and make the life of sellers easy to manage inventories and sell products across multiple ecommerce platform unicommerce launched this awe-struck solution. So the question now would be what should you do to get this and integrate

All the platforms where you have registered as a seller will have unique APIs to manage inventory. These APIs will be integrated into this Unicommerce solution and will be hosted in the server. No when you login to this solution , you are actually logged into all the inventories of multiple platforms you have registered with

Add a new product , remove a product , order updates , product inventories – Everything is monitored/managed/handled over a single click using this solution. Now you know why Uncommerce is unique and how they stand tall against all competitors.

A simplified solution for a major concern faced by sellers selling across multiple platforms made unicommerce huge and got them all the funding and resources to become huge and growing. Although there is this huge advantage of using this solution , there are also cons/concerns using this platform if you are planning on a hassle-free marketplace like this

Some of the main concern that you face are

  1. It’s a SAAS platform , so you don’t own the code and you would have to pay an yearly sum to maintain and manage this software
  2. No periodical upgrades over the features and even if there that would easily affect the present system and customization you make over this
  3. You should be completely reliable on the Unicommerce team for all your queries and questions and since they have grown big there would be a big queue in addressing and resolving your tickets
  4. The technology used still stands with Javascript , php and MySql so huge load of products (>7000) would bring down the performance of the site
  5. Scope for moving or migrating to the a technology is not something that you can expect soon

Undoubtedly Unicommerce is one of the best solution if you are ready to compromise on the technological revolution and running it as a SAAS model software

Hope you got a deep understanding via. this comprehensive Unicommerce Review. Learn more about other essentials of choosing an eCommerce platforms here.

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