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Unique iPhone App Ideas for 2015

With the whole world eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone in September, app developers everywhere are excited about the new opportunities that the new device will bring. This is the right time for developers to bring out unique iPhone app ideas for 2015, because each new iteration of the iPhone brings in new potential customers. The app market is eager for unique iPhone app ideas, because people now want apps that are more functional rather than a mere pastime. IOS app ideas are bound to strike it big in the market, and you as a potential developer can take advantage of this proven market. The iOS app store is no doubt the world’s most lucrative app market, even more so than the Google Play store. This is because iPhone users are more willing to pay for iPhone apps than Android users. 

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So how do you find these unique iPhone app ideas to give your business a boost? As you might have observed, there are apps for doing almost everything these days. In seven short years, almost all the original ideas have run out. These days, the IOS app ideas are those which take an existing idea and make it better, and more functional. These sort of app ideas work because they offer value to the customer, based on a proven idea. So if you are willing to work on such IOS app ideas, you can make neat profits easily. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top ten unique iPhone app ideas that you can implement with minimal effort, for maximum profit. As you go through these ideas, do note that as easy as these ideas are, you will still have to put in the right amount of effort to make them work at their maximum potential.

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1. Uber for Plumbers ( Get the entire code HERE )
One of the most recent examples of unique iPhone app ideas is Uber, the revolutionary on-demand taxi service that has shaken the entire taxi industry. Now you can use this concept to provide your own on-demand services and combining the concept with some iPhone app ideas. One such service is Uber for Plumbers. This service lets users get the services of plumbers in their vicinity, on-demand. With this instance of IOS app ideas you can provide a really helpful service to people who are in urgent need of a plumber. The user simply clicks on a button, makes a payment via a pre-registered PayPal account, and your system can then direct the nearest plumber in the area to the user’s address. The process is as simple as that. So add this to your list of iPhone app ideas and you can provide a basic yet very useful service to your community, for which people will be very thankful.

2. Uber for Laundry ( Get the entire code HERE )
Another example of unique iPhone app ideas in 2015 is Uber for Laundry. This service allows users to get on-demand laundry services by simply clicking on a button. Such iPhone app ideas allow users to get their needs met without taking much of an effort. Uber for Laundry ensures that the user gets the laundry picked up from the house and then delivered back after cleaning. The user need not worry about which laundry to contact or when to contact them. Everything is done on-demand. Such IOS app ideas are thus very appealing to the average user. You can take advantage of these iPhone app ideas to provide a valuable service to people.

3. Uber for Recovery Trucks ( Get the entire code HERE )
This example of unique iPhone app ideas solves a problem that many people face when they’re traveling in their cars for long-distances. If the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they need to hire a recovery truck to tow the car to the nearest repair station. But how do they know who to contact at short notice? It usually takes time to get to know who’s available. Uber for Recovery Trucks is a fine example of iPhone app ideas that make such problems non-existent. This app allows users to click on a button to request the nearest recovery truck service to tow their car. With such IOS app ideas in2015 you can gain the respect of your users since you will be helping them out in times of need.

4. Uber for Massage ( Get the entire source code HERE )
This is a very good example of unique iPhone app ideas that people will love. Uber for Massage offers users the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing massage whenever they feel like it. Most people are not sure which spa to visit at short notice, especially if they are new in town. Our example of these iPhone app ideas solves this issue by pointing out the nearest spa that is free for a massage appointment. Users can then immediately enjoy a relaxing massage at their convenience. So add this to your list of app ideas and you will be offering users a very relaxing and easy method to get some relaxation (in the form of a massage!)

5. Uber for Cleaning Service ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Cleaning can be a very tiring chore. That is why people often look for professional cleaning services to tidy up their homes. This new instance of unique iPhone app ideas for 2015 allows people to get a cleaning service to arrive on-demand at their home, all by clicking on a button. You might have noticed a pattern in all of our Uber for X services – these are all IOS app ideas which offer users a simple solution to a regular problem. Since people always welcome easy solutions to their problems, our array of iPhone app ideas will definitely be a hit among the target audience, which is why you need to consider adding these unique app ideas to your business portfolio.

6. Vine Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Sharing six-second videos has become all the rage thanks to Vine. Now you can get in on the craze too with your own clone of Vine, which you can resell to various organizations who might want to use the app for their own purposes. With such unique iPhone app ideas you can easily grab a part of the market which does not want their data to travel through some big corporation, but is instead in their own control. These are the kind of people that you can target with our IOS app ideas. This is truly an exciting example of app ideas that can get successful very fast. The mere fact that it is building off of an idea as crazy as a six-second video, makes this a good addition to our list of good iPhone app ideas.

7. Snapchat Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
The self-destructing messaging app, Snapchat is quite popular these days. You can use this concept and build your own unique iPhone app ideas. A clone of Snapchat is bound to sell well with people and small organizations which would prefer having more privacy of their messages, while still making use of the self-destruct feature. With our good iPhone app ideas, you can give such people their own Snapchat service, with their privacy set in their own hands. This is truly a very promising business opportunity, which is why you need to take advantage of our unique app ideas. The best part is that you need not do any of the hard work. This clone will feature the entire source code and a support team to set up the system. All you need to do is to find customers who are interested in such niche app ideas; and there are truly quite a few people who would be interested.

8. WhatsApp Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
One of the biggest apps out there right now is WhatsApp. Sure, it is not a new app, but it is still being used by hundreds of millions of people across the world. You can use this concept and our unique iPhone app ideas to come up with your own WhatsApp clone. As with our previous IOS app ideas, you will be targeting communities or organizations to sell this script to, and rake in some healthy business. This clone of WhatsApp will in fact take features from not just WhatsApp but also several other messaging clients like WeChat, Line and so on. So your customers will be getting the benefit of several messaging applications built into one. All you need to do is to take our unique app ideas and find the right people to sell it to. This shouldn’t be a tough thing to do since there are lot of potential customers out there who are looking for iPhone app ideas like this WhatsApp clone. These people like the original app, but would prefer to use niche app ideas that build on the strength of the original, without its weaknesses.

9. Instagram Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
Continuing our list of unique iPhone app ideas, we bring you a fully functional clone of Instagram, the popular picture-sharing application. The benefits of having such iPhone app ideas among your portfolio are enormous. This Instagram clone offers all the features of the original app, along with a few useful tweaks of its own. Such IOS app ideas make it easy to attract more downloads, since a lot of people will be looking for good alternatives to popular apps. This is where you come in with some unique app ideas like the Instagram clone, and offer them exactly what they want. So take the leap and add this to your list of niche iPhone app ideas.

10. Yo Clone ( Get the entire source code HERE )
What is Yo? Why does it even exist? No one knows for sure, but what is sure is that people simply cannot seem to get enough of this crazy app, and even investors are racing each other to get a part of it. You can get in as well, by adding this to your list of unique iPhone app ideas in 2015. Since this idea is still new and fresh in people’s minds, they will be ready to adapt to it easily. After you have used your iPhone app ideas to bring out a Yo clone, you will see a lot of interest among people to start using it, even if they are not sure how to use it! Yo simply sends a single word – Yo – to the user’s friends, and they can send the same word back. With some unique app ideas, you can create a clone that builds on this idea and does something more than simply sending a single word. Such niche app ideas have a lot of potential, because the market is untested and has a large scope to grow. So do add Yo to your mix of unique IOS app ideas and it will be a valuable asset, even if you do not know how fast it will grow or which way it will grow!

Unique iPhone app ideas are the need of the market now. People are tired of the influx of casual games and silly apps which do not offer any real value. Niche IOS app ideas like the ones in our list can really help people in their everyday lives. It might not be a huge change, but people will certainly appreciate the comfort and service that these different app ideas provide. That is why it is recommended that you consider looking at such app ideas to add to your app business. We do not need another casual game no matter how addictive it might be! Do think about working on unique iPhone app ideas that offer value to the users. The list of niche iPhone app ideas we’ve provided are all easy to set up and operate. These unique app ideas are a great starting point if you are not sure where to look. So you have the app ideas, you have the market waiting; now all you need to do is to put these unique iPhone app ideas into action!


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