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Best Unity 3D tutorials for creating your first awesome game

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With course of time programming and game designing has become easier, with the introduction of Unity as an alternative to other Game Creation System. Unity has come up with special features that make it beyond better than any other Game Engine. Its rendering, scripting, asset tracking, platforms, physics and many other features make it something unique and credible.

Here are few things you must know about to make your first game.


Use Sound to make 3D Geometry in Unity [check here]

To start with creating a new game, you can start with learning how to make a simple audio visualizer in Unity. This tutorial will help you go through the code that reads out audio data. It also helps you to apply the data’s inside a Unity game.

The tutorial deals with three subdivisions of Audio Visualizer i.e.; Line Visualizer, Bar Visualizer and Visualizing with 3D Scale. The tutorial helps you understand the Visualizers in a better way by giving simple and easy examples. Like in the third subdivision of Visualizing with 3D Scale, instead of adjusting the height of an object, it will show the visualization by scaling an entire object up and down making it simpler for the learner.

Build Arkanoid with Unity: Project Setup [check here]

This tutorial is clear for whom this is primarily focused on. This tutorial is helpful for two groups of people; firstly, people who are unfamiliar with Unity at all and secondly, they who are familiar with Unity, but not the Unity 2D engine and tools. The tutorial does cover the codes in depth assuming the learners have some programming skills.

This tutorial completely focuses on the new 2D toolset of Unity. For people who haven’t used Unity before, this tutorial helps them to cover the toolset and provide enough knowledge so they can use Unity to create their own 2D games and apps.

The other topic dealt with within this tutorial are; project setup, organizing the project and importing assets, preparing the scene for the first level etc.

Dynamic Avatars in Unity [check here]

In order to have a great game, it must consist of wonderful characters with distinctive features. This tutorial will help you make that possible. It will show you to create a simple character-customization menu, and save the necessary data for use in the game. The tutorial will help you create a player avatar; here plane being the example. The characters and the games need many fine details. It helps you customize the character by adding optional attachment or changing color, load, save the data, load another level, and recreate it form the saved data. Building most of the necessary features of the game can be learned in this tutorial.  That may include entering a game, exiting, quitting, saving the levels, restarting the game etc.

The aspects dealt in this tutorial are like; setting up the project, creating the character, avatar customization GUI, loading the next level, saving the avatar data, adapting the player’s avatar to the saved data, building the accessories, etc.

How to procedurally customize your Unity game assets with code [check here]

Every game needs variety and something different from others. To add a wide variety of diversity and details in the game, you can use this tutorial which will help you with the basics of using procedural object-customization in Unity. It will reduce your efforts and make the programming much easier. This tutorial will teach the customization with the help of a tree. While dealing with the technique the tutorial will demonstrate it in an actual game and how they look in action.

This tutorial includes; Setup, Creating an object (tree as an example here), randomly rotating the object, adjusting the size, using different 3D models, changing the color, tilting the object, creating a simple procedural level, etc.

How to make an object shatter into smaller fragments in Unity [check here]


Well we all have played games and have seen object shattering here and there, ever wondered how that is programmed and how to do it, well this tutorial will help you to perform that task. It will show you how to create a simple shattering effect for your Unity game. You can give you game a very fine detailing and make it look more real.

This tutorial include some basic information like; requirements, basic setup, destroying the cube (cube as an example here), creating the fragments, making the remains appear, first optimizations, removing the fragments, using an actual object instead of a cube, possible further details etc.

Unity Training Video Series [check here]

Apart from the above tutorials, you can visit the Walker Boys Studio for a great learning experience about the Unity 3D. The Walker Boys Studio can provide you with professional experience and help you understand Unity much better. This will help you make you game better than ever. The series has been adopted by almost 3.5 million people from almost 150 countries all over the world.

This well planned tutorial for Unity helps the amateur programmers to develop the best game using their skills efficiently. The series include complete study of the software, language, API, 4 games, and tool development. It consists of ‘Unity 4 Introduction to Unity’, ‘Game project training’, ‘Special topics’, presentations and training videos.

Hope you will utilize the best from these tutorials and create your first awesome game.

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