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The best Video website script chosen this year is : The MaxFlix script

This Video website script has all the features of Netflix and Youtube in it. It comes with a variety of payment options ( subscription ) and a robust admin panel to control the site end-to-end.


It’s a world of stress – we should accept it. When humans face immense stress & boredom they search for a good entertainment. The entertainment industry can be safely called as an evergreen industry and yes it is a multi-billion dollar industry by itself. And one of the main verticals in this multi-billion dollar entertainment industry is the movie industry. Since the time videos and movies have been invented, it had created many billionaires & millionaires. As the world went through many phases and changes the movie industry has also embarrassed the changes accordingly ( From the streets to silver screens and TV etc. )

Off late one of the biggest changes the movie industry has seen is the emergence of the new media – the INTERNET . The movie industry ( like it has throughout the ages ) quickly embarrassed the Internet effortlessly to make another set of millionaires and billionaires again. The last 10 years has seen many media and streaming sites emerge and many of them have been a BIG hit earning the respective companies millions of dollars in revenue( Youtube, Vimieo, NetFlix etc. )

This article is mainly focused on how one can make money over the internet by starting a video or TV streaming website. The important point to note here is, it is not necessary that you will need to become a big hit like Youtube, Metacafe etc. There are thousands of small video streaming website owners on the internet who comfortably make near $20K every month just sitting on their sofa’s in their home with an internet and a notebook – now that is the power of video streaming websites, and this article is being focused on how one can make a decent revenue ( above $10K ) per month by running a TV streaming or movie website.


Ways to monetize a video website :

Pre Roll / Post roll Ads :

You might have seen such PRE-ROLL ads in videos of Youtube, Vimeo etc. There are many Video Ad companies which you can subscribe with and run their PRE-ROLL Ads . As your viewership increases, PRE-ROLL /POST-ROLL Ads can roll in real good Ad income. While setting up your online TV streaming or video website do a little bit of research on Video players that provide PRE-ROLL / POST-ROLL ads, so you can easily embed them in your video website script.

Ad Banners :

This is the most common mode of monetizing a video streaming website. You can subscribe with Banner ad providers like Google, Microsoft, Buy-Sell Ads etc. and populate your web page with Ad banner scripts based on the real estate of your pages. Ad Banners along with PRE-ROLL Ads can prove to be a powerful monetizing option – as for sure one of the two ADs will make you money for sure.

Subscription :

If you are running a premium content video website, the best way to monetize the site tremendously is to show content to users who pay. Be it normal premium videos or streaming content, a subscription based billing can attract a lot of recurring-paying users. Be it adult content or educational content, indie shows, premium episodes etc. a subscription based model can attract a lot of recurring money.

Promotional listings :

One other most prominent method to monetize a video website is with Premium listings. As in a classified website, there will be many who would like to promote their videos on the top of search results to target audience. You can charge advertisers a premium to promote and place their video on the top of search results. So check to see if the video website script you plan on using has multiple payment options.

Surveys :

If you have killer content that people would die to view, you can make real good money in asking people to fill surveys to un-lock the content. One of the prominent ways to monetize video websites is to show a part of the video and show the remaining only after a certain action is done by the viewer ( which can be as simple as filling a survey ). There are many Ad providers who pay good money for each survey taken.

Email marketing :

Once you have good number of viewership, you can put up a subscription form and get viewers to subscribe to your content and daily newsletters. As your subscriber base keeps growing, you can promote other websites by sending out promotional mailers about their webpage’s. Website owners will be more than happy to pay you for each mailer you send out.

Flipping :

This is more of an exit than a monetizing channel, but if done consistently following a pre-defined pattern, this can become an enormous monetizing channel for you. Once you have consistent visitors to your video streaming website and also have a decent revenue, you can flip your site on sites like Flippa, Warrior Forum etc. for a good valuation . A few hundred dollars of investment and a few months of effort can get converted to a couple of thousands of dollars easily in a quick time frame. So when you purchase a video website script to start your site, dont forget to ask the script vendor about the license he sells – so it allows you to flip your site without any hurdles.


Tips to choose a good video website script for your business :

For sure you need a trendy and powerful video website script to run your video website without any hurdles and make money. So lets next discuss a few points to keep in mind when choosing a video website script to run your website.

Performance :

The video website script you choose to employ for your business should be essentially tested for maximum performance as any video streaming website has the potential to attract huge traffic spikes all of the sudden and your site should be definitely able to with stand such spikes ( as with high traffic you make good money ). It is even better if your video website script allows to embed script players from 3rd party video websites like Youtube, Video, Metacafe etc. – so the video streaming bandwidth is taken care by the respective sites.

Viral components :

Make sure the video website script you plan on using is studded properly with the required social media elements, making the pages easily share-able over the internet . Off late social media proves to send out massive viral traffic to pages and to make this happen your video website script should have social media share icons wherever required .

Monetizing channels :

The video website script you plan on using should have proper monetizing channels fitted inside for you to effortlessly make money with your visitors. Check for slots to key in Ad scripts and check for slots on appropriate places to insert your banner ads. If you plan on running premium content, check to see if the video website script has features to facilitate subscription payments instantly with multiple payment gateways.

Robust Admin Panel :

With video sites, you will need to have a strict tab over what content is getting inside. You will need to manage your users effectively and keep removing spam. To help you do all this, the video website script you plan on using should provide a robust and powerful admin panel using which you can control your site end-to-end.

Multi Language support :

If you are expecting global traffic to your video website, you will need to have multi-lingual support in  your website. So when choosing your video website script, see that the script has multi-lingual support.


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