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Trendy Wanelo Clone script with Custom Design for $199

Start a Marketplace with a custom-designed Wanelo Clone script that has a lot of helpful features to run your business smoothly.

Start a Trendy Custom Goods Marketplace with


469+ Buyers were interested last week

Along with our list of 50+ features – You get 7 more attractive social features like Chrome extension, Social connections when posting a story, Advanced Wanelo filters, and Bookmarklet for pinning products.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 3.26.19 AM

Features list –

Our top list of features present in the Wanelo clone script + Additional features mentioned below.

1. Custom design.

2. Wanelo type filters for Price, stores and people etc.

3. Chrome browser extension.

4. Social media connections when posting a story

5. Report link ( when they find some product NSFW )

6. Reviews and Rating module

7. Bookmarklet extension

8. Contact seller option

9. Blockchain-Powered

10. Gallery

What is a Wanelo Clone?

Wanelo is a social marketplace where users would browse through countless catalogs put out by sellers and other users who are interested in selling their products. Visually anyone could see all the photos of the product and then once they like something, they can choose to purchase it after contacting the seller through the app.

A Wanelo Clone Script uses the same visual eCommerce concept but offers a different purchase experience on the app. Using a Wanelo Clone Script, a user can start a business instantly as the product has all the necessary features. If they want to customize it to include more features they can do so too.

Why should you buy this Wanelo Clone Script?

The advantage of buying a Wanelo Clone is that you can save precious time and resources. You can set up the website quickly and test the market out before spending more time adding new features. By using this script, you also reduce your burn out rate as the initial cost of implementing this solution is much less.

The company that developed this Wanelo Clone script has been in the eCommerce development industry for more than 8 years. Their understanding of the trends of the eCommerce industry is much more evolved, and the product is a testament to that. This Wanelo Clone script is packed with features that will help you run the business smoothly. Industry-standard coding practice ensures that when you are making customizations with your own developers, it would be easy for them to make them. The product comes with 100% source code and apps for Android & iOS.

How is the support for this Wanelo Clone Script?

The development team offers 6 Months of free support and a lifetime of product updates that include new features, code upgrades, bug fixes. The installation of the product requires you to have basic knowledge of Php and Mysql. There’s even a product documentation that can help you with getting the product installed.

Is it possible to customize the product?

Absolutely. You can customize the entire product to your liking, the product has 100% unencrypted source code that your developers can easily see and make changes to. Just make sure your developers are making modifications to it in a way that it doesn’t create any security flaw/loophole. Instead, If you’d like us to customize the product, we’d be happy to, drop us a line at [email protected]

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8.9 out of 10
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