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Want to become a top Android app developer?

Now you can do so with LearnSauce’s Android app development tutorial for beginners!

But before you learn all the awesome features of the LearnSauce tutorial, here’s an introduction to Android app development:

What is an Android app?                                

Android is a mobile operating system that is developed for devices that support Google’s android platform. Android apps are available in the Google Play store, in the Amazon app store and in various Android App focused sites and the apps can run on android smartphones, tablets etc.

Why should you learn Android app development?

If you love software development and have unique ideas to build your own apps, then learning Android app development is a must. Since its open source, the scope to learn and work is infinite. The platform has the backing of Google. Since Android is an open source Linux based operating system designed for smartphones and tablets, it allows the developers to modify the software according to their needs.

Android app developers with the right technical knowledge and skills are in great demand. Since Android allows for app development at a lower cost compared to closed-source software like Symbian and iOS, the need for such developers has increased a lot in the recent years.

A person can also take up a part time job as an Android developer and sell his apps in the Google Play Store which will fetch him a lot of revenue. Learning Android app development is easy and the official language of Android is Java. If you have Java skills at your fingertips, then android app development will be very easy for you. Since Android is backed by Google, this is an added advantage.

It is now easy to learn Android app development with LearnSauce’s Android app development tutorial for beginners available on the LearnSauce website.




What are the benefits of Android app development?

  • Android is an open source platform, it allows developers to add some amazing features and come up with innovative ideas. The platform is robust and bug free.
  • Low cost investment: The development of android app is relatively cheaper as there are no licensing charges involved. Once an app is developed, it will be used by customers all over the world.
  • Inexpensive process: Free from licensing charges, the Android app can be revised multiple times by the developers as there are free modification programmes available to do so.
  • Performance of an android app is based on the Linux kernel and its OS is very efficient to operate.

What does LearnSauce offer?

  • LearnSauce offers a comprehensive Android app development tutorial for beginners that will make the process of learning fun and easy.
  • It comes with an ebook that deals with all aspects that will help the user understand android and Andoid Studio better.
  • It comes with awesome source code and tutorials that will help a beginner to understand and gain insight and hands-on experience on android app development and using the Android Studio that will help the user to build small Android apps.

How will the Android app development tutorial benefit the user?

LearnSauce provides the user with an ebook which will help him/her master android app development. It helps the user to understand the details of Android Studio and build apps using this framework. The user gets to learn all things that are essential that will help him/her build android apps that will be the ‘next big thing’ of android apps.




Who is the Android app development tutorial designed for?

  • Entrepreneurs: The android app development tutorial for beginners from LearnSauce will help entrepreneurs. The knowledge provided in the ebook will help entrepreneurs to outrun their competition and build cool android apps. This cutting-edge knowledge will help every entrepreneur to build apps that will create a buzz within the trade and make profits in doing so.
  • Android enthusiasts: Enthusiasts who love Java programming and want to lean android app development have a lot to gain from this ebook. It will help them learn the basics so that they can master the skills required for android app development and become the best android app developer that companies can hire or start to freelance on their own.
  • Beginners: Beginners can consider this ebook as the bridge that will help them to cross from beginner to pro. The ebook gives practical know-how and complex details have been explained in a relatively simple manner.

The LearnSauce Android app development tutorial for beginners provides a step-by-step tutorial along with the source code and installation manual. It is the best place for any android enthusiast or beginner to start learning android app development and this will help him in his business or to become a kick-ass Android app developer!

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