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How to start a Video Conference Business using the Webex Clone Software

Cloud collaboration platforms like Cisco’s Webex Clone offer new and effective ways for businesses to connect and communicate over video calls with teams. 

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The Webex Clone allows you to host over 200 people in a meeting with a minimum resource requirement. This web conferencing tool is designed for continuous teamwork using instant group messaging, video meetings, whiteboarding (for learning and training sessions), and file sharing.

To start a sophisticated video conference business using the Webex Clone, it is essential to plan various aspects of the solution like the features, technology, pricing, packaging, customer service, and more. It is also important to measure the advantages against the disadvantages of building such a platform and marketing it.

About Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex develops and sells web conferencing and video conferencing apps, mainly for corporates. Webex Meetings and Webex Teams are the company’s top software products that help in team building, learning and training, marketing, and virtual meetings.

The Webex clone requires activating an account via email to start communication. The streaming is generally smooth and high quality with good video and audio playback and very little lag. 

This makes Cisco Webex Meetings a better fit for business user collaboration. In this blog, we discuss the points to consider if you are starting a video conference business using the Webex Clone Software.

Target Audience

Before lining up the features and the pricing of your video conferencing business, it is important to determine who will be using your product and to what extent.

If you plan to cater to business users, then it is important to determine the maximum capacity support of your product for a single session. 

Building a product for small businesses or personal use will require different features, bandwidth support, and relevant pricing.

It is also important to determine the learning curve of the users in learning your product based on the Webex Clone.

Features Support

The Webex Clone supports multiple features based on the package chosen. Some of the prominent features include:

  • Co-browsing
  • Password-enabled sessions
  • File Transfers
  • Multi-presenter support
  • HD video quality
  • Lock and Unlock Participant focus
  • Screen sharing (generic and focused)
  • Dial-in to a phone line
  • Record meetings and cloud storage
  • A full-featured web application giving total access to the service via a web browser
  • Integration with Microsoft Office, Office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Lotus Notes
  • Surveys and polls
  • “Raise Hand” icon for individual contribution
  • Group messaging and notifications
  • Virtual Whiteboard for idea sharing during training or instructional design discussions
  • End-to-end encryption of content 
  • Session moderation control
  • Mobile and web access
  • Scheduling a meeting using the Schedule Meeting link or integrations with Google Calendar or Outlook

It is important to choose the apt features that are bang for the buck when setting up your web conferencing business using the Webex Clone.


Deciding whether the Webex Clone will be put to a dedicated use like marketing, training, or product demos is key to determining how often you’ll be using the Webex Clone. 

Marketing meetings and customer promotions are regular business activities that will maximize the use of your web conferencing app.

Training sessions for employees or customers may not be frequently conducted, like marketing activities. You will need to purchase a package based on how many sessions you need to conduct in a month.

Product demos may need even lesser usage of your Webex software in comparison to training and marketing. Make sure to choose a subscription plan that suits your business and video conferencing needs to avoid frozen investment in the software.

Webex Clone
Image Source: PCMag

Customer Support

Setting up customer support is crucial if you want your customers to trust your services and get the best experience with your products and services. While starting a web-conferencing business with the Webex software, you need to be bang on with your team’s technical support on how Webex Teams or Webex Meetings work.

Accurate information should be relayed effectively and quickly while the communication experience should be smooth. Your customer support team must engage the customers in your products and services and induce them to invest in them during interactions without compulsion.

Free Product Demo

A free product demo is the best way to get your customers involved in your offerings. The Webex Clone offers a free plan for a video conference for up to 100 participants. Though this meeting cannot be recorded or stored in a cloud, it helps test the HD video quality, audio playback, file transfer feature, and other features like Unlimited meetings and meeting lengths; desktop, application, and whiteboard sharing; call-in for audio; HD video; active speaker, calendar integrations; grid and floating views; instant and scheduled meetings, Q&A, interactive whiteboards; polling and raise hand options; host meeting controls, and unlimited messaging and file sharing.


We hope this blog will help you get started with your web conferencing business sooner. Get in touch with us to get more ideas or application support for your Web Conferencing business.

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