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Webinar Script: Top Five Features required in any Opensource Webinar Software

A webinar is an online mode of conducting a seminar which converts a presentation into a real-time conversation over the internet using a Webinar Script. Webinars can accommodate large groups of participants to conduct online discussions or training events.

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The webinar’s content, including audio, slides, or documents, can be shared across participants irrespective of the meeting hosts’ location. This virtual presentation is much more than an article or eBook. Effective Webinars can pull out engaging online discussions, create actionable content, and help potential clients get a walk-through of your company before having a real-time sales conversation.

What is a Webinar Script?

A webinar script guides the host and presenters during the conversation so as not to deviate from the topic and miss out on details.

With a webinar script written, the host and the presenter get a structure to follow to deliver the right information. It also ensures that you hit the pre-decided plan and make all the points by staying within the designated time frame. By using a webinar script to carry out the presentation, the attendees get the right understanding of the objective you want to deliver.

Opensource Webinar Software

A webinar script is a cost-effective online meeting platform that allows users to do multiple things like,

  • Hosting virtual training events
  • Working with colleagues collaboratively
  • Providing learners personalized support
  • Providing product demo and support remotely
  • Holding quick meetings
  • Offering Instructional Design Training
  • Coordinating with employees on projects
  • Corporate conferencing or teleconferencing
  • Product troubleshooting

Opensource webinar software can deal with modern-day business communication requirements. It has created opportunities for many industries, including education, business, corporates, etc.


  • Increased participation
  • Enhanced employee & customer training
  • Effective lead generation & awareness
  • Creates better rapport
  • Improves sales & ROI

In this blog, we discuss the top five features required for any opensource webinar software to make online meetings convenient and reliable.

Webinar Script

Audio/Video Conferencing

A complete audio/video functionality which you can choose during a webinar session. There are majorly four combinations to choose from:

  • Only Audio
  • Only Video
  • Audio + Video
  • Only Picture

After you select one of the options, you can choose quality & resolution parameters and input devices.

Record a meeting & Screen sharing

You can record the sessions, just how it is presented in real-time, audio & video, and other shared documents for later watching. You can also download sessions in popular formats like AVI or FLV. If you want to share a portion of the screen for sharing, there is a possibility. Besides recording and sharing, there is a file explorer where you can drag & drop recordings and share conveniently.

Moderating system

The host can allow and deny every user’s permissions individually during a conference. These permissions could be related to moderation, drawing on the whiteboard, presenter role, screen sharing, recording, remote control screen, muting other users, video, audio, etc.

Multi-white board and chat

This feature helps create new whiteboard instances where each instance comes with a complete range of tools and documents. You can also save these instances as a file for later use.

User & Room Management

Through this feature, the host can set roles and other parameters the participants hosted in a web conference. There are also individual rooms where each participant can get involved in dedicated conversations.

Besides these features, open-source webinar software comes with a private message center, planning meeting through an integrated calendar, backing up all user-generated data for the future, analyzing participants, auto-meeting scheduling, surveys, and polling, screen sharing, cloud storage of files, etc.

With all these powerful features, your opensource webinar software can transform business meetings and team collaborations while maximizing ROI. Using this software will foster a structured work culture and help keep your business at pace with developments in the market.


Choosing the best opensource webinar software which can suit your business requirements is essential. Using efficient software can add value to your business product or service and help to hold the audience.

Using an opensource webinar platform can genuinely create meaningful connections with the participants of the webinar. The webinar script also plays a vital role in the software as it helps the host and participants present the virtual presentation by staying relevant. The opensource webinar software is a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform and allows seamless interaction with the participants.

The features mentioned make the opensource webinar software highly convenient, especially during the current times of the pandemic where social distancing has forced companies to operate remotely.

A webinar script makes business continuity a possibility today. Call us today for a free demo on customized webinar scripts.

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