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Webmaker app to glide you through your web creating desires

Owning a website has become a craze for several students. And even professionals, whatever field they may be related to be interested and having a website of their own where they could have their own contents for the entire world to read and know. And for those tech savvy owning a website obviously means creating one on their own. And quite a number of non tech individuals are interested in creating the website on their own rather than having someone to create one for them. And in the case of someone like me who has no idea on how to create a website; it comes as a pretty big challenge to do it. And where the kind is the devil that gives several ideas you obviously will need a lot of changes to the website and hiring a professional to do it for you is not something anyone would recommend.


The Webmaker app is designed for the users to build a web app on a mobile device without seeking the help of desktop computers. Mozilla Webmaker transforms Web users into Web makers.  Webmaker is free, open-source and independent one can build original content like scrapbooks, photo galleries, memes, comic strips and lot more. The app is designed in such a way that it helps telling your story in simple and intuitive way. It works on an app for Android, iOS and Firefox OS that gives smartphone users the ability to easily create and share Web apps.

With the Webmaker App, one can create apps from scratch, adding different components to it such as text, images, SMS sender, caller, textbox, counter and submit button. That is, essentially all the components required for a minimalist and easy-to-make application. The framework currently has seven default templates on its home screen – start from scratch, create a blog, create a survey, promote your business, share community, create a How to guide and create a safety app.

The free, open-source app is available on Google Play which permits millions of users of low-cost Android devices to get started. It focuses on three building blocks of web content – text, images, and links.  People, who are not developers, find it easy to first make use of such a platform to gain confidence and idea of real-world developing. No more need for books and codes just the Webmaker app from Mozilla and u can create and design a website as u wish. And the best part is it comes for free! Need a website for your business? Create one on your own with the simple and easy to use Webmaker app.

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