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First there were Websites, then there were Apps…. Now, there are BOTs.

So, How to win the BOT RUSH?

  • Ok, first lets start with WHY bots will replace apps.

Its harder than ever for an App to find users and get traction. App Fatigue is hitting hard. People are getting fed-up of installing a new app for each service or utility. Every new app consumes more storage, gives constant Notifications, updates itself every other day, runs on the BG thus draining battery, utilizes RAM and makes the device slow etc. Every study shows that the novelty of the App Store is over. 90% of people remember and use only the top 5 big apps they have installed in their phone ( UBER, FB, Mail etc. ) — rest are forgotten. People are deleting apps in big numbers.

“…The growing frustration with today’s mobile apps mirrors the irritation caused by Windows application proliferation a decade or more ago. The hassle of managing multiple Windows applications took its toll thenjust as the mobile app explosion is doing now.”FORTUNE Magazine.

Website vs apps vs bots

Meanwhile, people are spending most of their mobile time in chat. 1.4 billion people used a chat app in 2015 — and young people were the most active among them.

  • So, How can a Business take advantage of the BOT RUSH?

With chat bots, you can reach consumers in fun, useful, and meaningful ways in an environment that presents the least friction possible. There’s nothing to download, no icons to add to the home screen, and no memory hogging. Check out this BOT from CNN.

What more? Your BOT will be present inside platforms already filled with hundreds of millions of users ( Facebook, Skype, Slack, Kik, Telegram etc. ). And yes, your bot could have direct access to all these people!

You can contact your users at will anytime -like chatting with a friend. And every notification reaches them where ever they are ( as a notification from Messenger, Skype etc. )

Less maintenance. You dont need to spend money & time again developing for various platforms separately ( IOS, Android etc. ). Just develop a BOT and deploy it on Facebook, Skype, Slack etc. and rest is taken care. People can access it on any device and desktop. Check out this BOT here.

This is the reason some of the tech elite (looking at you here Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Google) are banking that a new generation of chatbots will supplant mobile apps. They are investing in Billions on the BOT RUSH!

Imagine you launching a Mobile app in early 2011, when the market just started. So history is repeating itself again — and the era of BOTs is happening. Be early and launch a BOT and get early access to the millions of visitors ( before the market gets too crowded again ).

  • All OK, So what is a BOT?

A BOT is very similar to an APP, just that it resides inside famous platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Slack, Kik etc.

Instead of you developing an App separately for IOS, Android etc., you just develop a BOT and it can be accessed on all devices. So less maintenance and less cost.

Note: You can now DOWNLOAD this BOT with 100% source code 🙂

9.4 out of 10
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