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What are the advantages of a Wanelo business model to increase your online sales?

What is Wanelo?

 Wanelo (Abbreviation for Want, need, love) is a digital mall where users can find and buy unique products. It comes with individual stores that users can create to sell their products. Customers can follow these pages to get updates about new products which are added which shows up in the newsfeed. It includes both big brands as well as small independent sellers.

What is the business model of Wanelo?

Wanelo focuses on user engagement and growth. Products on Wanelo are inheritably monetizable and this leads to a lot of revenue. Traffic is driven to the online retailer’s websites and Wanelo gets commission for the referral. How is Wanelo different from other ecommerce websites? Products on Wanelo are added by the users themselves. Users get to track the products they come across while surfing the internet.

Wanelo allows users to follow both people and their favourite stores or brands on the website. Most of Wanelo’s growth is powered by affiliate revenue and affiliate marketing.

 Why do you need Wanelo for your business?

It comes with great UI and design:

Wanelo comes with a very simple interface and user can navigate around the website easily. It has larger image sizes when compared to Pinterest and other websites. Wanelo allows users to group products into collections and tag them by categories. This allows followers of the website to view the products better and to organize and share them better.

 It blends well with your other social media accounts:

It allows the user to link to Facebook, you blog and to Twitter. This allows the user to blend his Wanelo store with his other social media accounts and help him to drive more traffic to his store. The profile also provides the user space to talk more about his store.

 It allows sharing and promotion of products on other sites:

Wanelo comes with built-in trending features. Every time someone saves a product from the collections, they’ll get more exposure within the website. You can also share the products on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter and via email.

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A registered page for your business:

The advantage of Wanelo is that it by signing up on Wanelo, the user can register his business and start sharing his products online. Once registered, people can start following your store, buy your products and add items to their collections. It allows the user to add a ‘Save’ button to his page through which people can add products to their pages. The ‘MY FEED’ tab shows the products that the user posts to his page to the users who are following his page. Big brands and companies like Ashbury Collections, Urban Outfitters and many more are reaping the benefits of using Wanelo and sharing their products on this website.

Trending products in the newsfeed:

Found the perfect summer outfit? A gift idea for your friend’s birthday? Have you been searching for a hobby item for some time now? Since Wanelo allows users to tag their products on hast tag system similar to Twitter and Instagram, customers will be able to access the products you tag directly from your store’s website and purchase them. When you tag a user on Wanelo, products are automatically saved to their profile below the ‘tagged for you’ section and this allows easy access to the products.

Wanelo comes with two separate buttons. The ‘Find people to follow’ button allows you to follow the people you whom you find interesting and want to follow. These people could be selling unique items and pieces of art, clothing or furniture that the customer maybe looking for. The ‘Find stores to follow’ button lets you follow stores and brands whose products and items you are interested in. Wanelo also has a store directory that comes with the entire list of stores that are registered in the product. Users can now just browse through the catalogue to find the store they are looking for.

User friendly and easy to buy:

Finding unique items and buying them from Wanelo is very easy and this is the reason why your store should be on Wanelo. When users log into their Wanelo accounts, the latest trending items are displayed in their newsfeed and hence they are immediately notified about new arrivals.

After seeing the success of Wanelo, several companies have tried to replicate it by developing clone scripts. However coming up with a fully functional script is not very easy and requires days of programming and coding. Buying a ready-to-use clone script seems to be the solution and entrepreneurs can now get the clone script from Ecommerce Mix. This Wanelo clone script has been architected by a team of growth hackers and experts in the field and comes with amazing features. Each seller in this marketplace gets his/her own iOS and Android mobile app. Only onetime payment fee and full source code will be made available with this product. All version updates are absolutely free and it comes with How-to library and video tutorials.

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