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What can an app do for a teenager? Apparently a lot!

Being a teenager is exciting and more so if you can start you own business. Teenagers are resourceful and enterprising and love to start businesses where they can learn something and gain hands-on experience.

Let’s face it! We are living in a world dominated by smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Apps are everywhere and now teenagers can use them in starting their own businesses.

Since most teenagers are tech savvy and smart, using apps and knowing how it will help them in their business will come naturally to them.

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Teenagers can run errands:

Running errands and delivering small packages is something that teenagers can do. People are really busy and don’t find time to run errands and you could do it for them. You could do some grocery shopping or deliver couriers. Whatever the errand is, it is really easy and you’ll make good money out of it.

  1. Start a courier delivering business:

This teen business idea is good for someone who wants to start a small business. If you like shipping and dispatching small packages and courier, then this business is for you.

You could also use an app for such a business along with a website.

Such an app works by registering the location of the user who wants to send a courier. The user will have the option of viewing the details of the service provider. The app would offer a two way communication where the user can start communicating with the service provider to let them know where the courier has to be delivered. Once the delivery has been made, the payment is made and the user gets to rate the service provided.

One such app is Send Mate, an Uber for Courier Service app by Mowares which you can use in your business.

  1. Start a grocery delivery business:

Grocery is an everyday requirement of the masses and this teen business idea is sure to thrive and succeed.

An app for grocery would work like this:

The app would ask for the customer’s pin code and based on the location of the user, the app will initiate the process by giving the customer a list of vendors that are near the vicinity of the customer. The customer selects the groceries that he requires from the app and adds them to his cart. The selected vendor is notified and the delivery is made. After the delivery, the payment is made by the customer and the customer gets to rate the app.

A smart and useful app indeed!

One such app is Speed Basket, an Uber for Groceries app by Mowares. Teenagers will love using this app and seeing their business succeed with this app.

  1. Food delivery business:

You have already seen some of your friends delivering pizza. Why not start a food delivery business? This is a good teen business idea since it requires no investment.

An app for food delivery will work like this. The customer will register his location and the app will begin to initiate the process by showing the customer a list of the restaurants in the vicinity of the customer. The nearby restaurants are intimated about the order and whoever serves that food will start the process of delivering the food. The foodie can start a two way communication with the restaurant about the food he ordered and where it has to be delivered. After the delivery, the payment is made and customer has the option of rating the service that was rendered.

One such app is snap Grub, an Uber for food delivery app by Mowares.

A dating service business:

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Do you want to help your friends find dates? Do you want to make sure that they have a partner for the prom night? Have you spent hours trying to find the right date for prom night?

How about starting a dating service business?

If you like match-making and setting people on dates then this teen business idea will really suit you. You need instinct to succeed in this kind of business but an app will definitely make this process easier.

Location based dating apps have become quite popular in the recent past.

A dating app would work by matching the Facebook profiles of the users and finding out whether they have mutual friends and common interests. The app comes with an integrated FB sign up. The app allows chatting/messaging and users can even send photos via chat. The app comes with a dating algorithm that pulls a variety of elements and applies some permutations and combinations on them to come up with the perfect match.

Tinder, the location based dating app is an example of how an app like that can work.

ProvenLogic provides the code for the app that teenagers can easily purchase and create tinder like apps on their own.

Business ideas for the computer savvy:

This is a teen business idea for the computer savvy resourceful teen! If you like working with computers and want to implement a successful communication tool within an organisation that is better than some of the current tools, then you can give Group Rocket a try!

Group Rocket is a clone script of Slack. Slack is a messaging app that has taken the start-up world by storm. Slack is one of the hottest start-ups. Slack allows group conversations and file sharing. It also has the feature of integrating with all the tools that are already in use.

If you want to implement a cool messaging app like Slack at a company, then you can purchase the clone script, Group Rocket from ProvenLogic and do so.

Learn online everyday!

This is a great teen business idea for someone with a lot of thirst for knowledge. If you want to start a social networking website like Facebook, then you can learn to code and program with the help of tutorials on LearnSauce. LearnSauce provides the skills and knowledge required in web and mobile development. LearnSauce provides exciting DIY tutorials with source codes with which, teenagers can learn to build web and mobile applications.

This is a teen business idea that will expand your knowledge and know-how.

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