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Why and how to start a mobile app business?

Why should you start a mobile app business?

You already have Facebook and Youtube as apps on your phone. You buy things using the Amazon app on your phone. You have heard about the success of apps such as SnapChat and Pandora. As of June 2014, more than 75 billion mobile apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store. The number of mobile app downloads worldwide is 102,062 million.

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With most companies, small businesses included scrambling to build mobile apps and realizing that this is a cheaper option when it comes to marketing and improving engagement which their customers, there’s a huge demand for developers with the right technical skills and a knack for design in the mobile app development space!

Companies are developing their own mobile apps to improve visibility with their customers. Having an app means being connected to the customer 24/7. It’s not unusual for a company to send notifications to their customers about the products or new services that they are offering. This also helps them in their marketing strategy more than the traditional ones. No wonder there are so many apps downloaded everyday from the Apple App store!

With more people owning smartphones and tablets, apps are quickly making their way into our lives and this will only help those with programming skills to take their career in a new direction.


Hence starting a mobile app development business is not only a good idea but will also rake in the moolah! It’s a great business for someone with creative ideas and problem solving skills.

So now that we have listed some of the reasons for starting a mobile app development business, here’s the how you are going to go about starting one!

  1. Study the market and the scenario

    Before you start your mobile app development business you need to study the market and figure out which apps are really successful and align your apps with the successful ones. Know the type of apps you want to build and know your target audience. Understand their needs and requirements and build apps that will make life easier for them.

You could have an app for home delivery of groceries: After the success of Instacart, an app for home delivery of groceries makes perfect sense. Not only does this meet the requirement of the customer, this will also make the app really successful since it meets the day-to-day needs of people.

An app for laundry service: This is another app that will reduce the number of household chores a person has to do every day. An app for laundry service can pick up the necessary laundry from the customer’s doorstep, do the required cleaning and drying and return it to the customer.

A dating app:

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A dating app where safety is assured by helping people meet through mutual friends and close to the proximity of their homes will definitely benefit those who are actively looking out for their partners. This app should have features that will help it to stand apart from other dating apps like verifying the authenticity of profiles, free chatting, linking the professional  profile to the social profile of the user etc.

  1. Bring the best to the table

    If you want your mobile app development business to be a huge hit, then you need the right people in your team to do so! Developing apps require coding knowledge and software development proficiency. Bring on board people who have this kind of expertise or outsource you development to a company that dos this kind of work.

  1. Flood the market with your apps

    This is an important step in your mobile app development business. In order to bring your apps to the consumers, you need to sell them through iTunes for Apple devices and Android apps can be sold in several different outlets including Google Play and Amazon.

  2. Create awareness about the app business

    Creating awareness about your mobile app development business is important because you need to let the public and customers know about it. Launching a mobile app requires PR, advertising and marketing like other businesses. There are several factors that the success of the app depends upon such as the type of app as gaming apps tend to be more successful, whether it was a chart topping app in the first day of its sales and good user reviews.

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