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XBOX ONE was Revealed on  Tuesday By Microsoft. It was previously Code named XBOX 720.  Microsoft hasn’t launched a new console in eight years and seeing this we know why they took so long to develop one (in a good sense).  Microsoft has done much more than a leaving it as a gaming console, it has in fact extended into the home entertainment segment as well coming up with a line of exclusive media content specifically designed to enhance the experience of XBOX ONE.

Microsoft also announced that they will  be the launching  ”Halo” a live-action video series produced by Steven Spielberg to be streamed on XBOX one. The Console will be sold worldwide later this year,  claims an official source to reporters who were present at an event at the software company’s campus near Seattle, without providing any further details on when and how much the price would be.

The device will also be the first platform to release the next installment in Activision Blizzard Inc’s blockbuster shooter franchise, “Call of Duty”.

Quick Feature Specification:


Your TV+ XBOX = Awesomeness

The new device interacts with a television, responds to voice and gesture commands, includes group video calling on Skype, 15 exclusive game titles and original programming content.

Microsoft has also announced a deal with the NFL to integrate coverage of the sport with game-like elements such as a Fantasy Football app, allowing viewers to manage their own fantasy sides while watching the real thing in action. Cool enough ?


Xbox One can be a complete Home Entertainment system with all these features. There’s also a feature called “Xbox Trending” that shows what television is currently popular on Xbox Live. “This is the beginning of truly intelligent TV,” Microsoft says.

Quick Fact

The Xbox One will be powered by 300,000 servers, more than the entire world’s computing power in the year 1999


You have to get used to KINECT

An improved, ultra-sensitive Kinect sensor will track wrist and shoulder rotations and be able to read users’ heartbeats. Its main camera can record 1080P RGB video at 30 frames per second. The new Kinect is more powerful, more functional, and definitely required. Microsoft says that  the system will not work without a Kinect plugged in. It’s also going to be on always.


According to Microsoft’s Press Release

Fans will get new television viewing innovations, including the ability to watch games, Skype video chat with other fans, view statistics, access highlights in real time and gather fantasy information about players and teams — all on a single screen. For those who prefer multiple screens, fans can get an even deeper experience on mobile devices and tablets with SmartGlass technology.

XBOX ONE Always Online

Microsoft finally shed some light on something that has been rumored for quite some time now,  According to their press site: “No, it does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet.” What they did mean is that XBOX One has to connect to the internet atleast once everyday. Yea you heard it right. Once Every day.

Microsoft’s Pre – Owned Games market strategy

Microsoft has long sought a way of capitalising on the hugely profitable pre-owned games market. With popular titles often retailing for $60 or more when new, gamers with large appetites have sought to cut costs by buying or sharing games that have been played by other users first, often halving the price.


XBOX ONE isn’t Backwards compatible. So it’s not gonna run your old game titles, you need to buy new titles as they come as of now there aren’t many titles though. :( .

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