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Yii framework tutorials

Yii framework can made your coding experience a real easy one. Yii can be used by beginners and experts alike. We’ve gone around the web to find you a few tutorials that can help you get started  and running the Yii framework in no time. Listed below are a few tutorials , for Yii framework.



1 ] SCREENCAST TUTORIAL : Yii Framework Tour : This video tutorial is a 4 step Yii framework tutorial by Jeffery Winesett.

Yii Tour : Stop 1 : Preparation Station : This is the first video of the Yii framework , in this tutorial the steps to download the framework files , using the code generated tools and how to get new web app up and running. These are the topics covered.

Yii Tour : Stop 2 : Say Hello to the World : This video is the second of the Yii Tour series. This video is on showing on how to create a simple and easy MVC application. The Yii code generated tool which was shown in the first video will be used in this to generate the code needed for controlling the action and also view.

Yii Tour : Stop 3 : CRUD County : The second last stop of the tour that is the third stop on the Yii framework tutorial where you learn to connect to a database , quickly create a basic Graphic User Interface – based CRUD properties against database tables.

Yii Tour : Stop 4 : Final Stop : Down to the database : The final stop on this tour is to complete the Hello World app using the database to store and retrieve the message content.

2 ] WEB TUTORIAL : Yii Framework tutorial : The tutorial begins with giving an overview of all the things you will find in the tutorial and then the reason for the author to choose Yii framework. Then a few more questions such as about the project , about the apps functionality , open source or not , requirements for Yii framework and the skills required. You have a knowledge about PHP and be aware of Object oriented programming and SQL. Then the index is provided were the sessions are updated. The index contains two sessions , the first being on design and features and the second on database schema design. The third topic on the index is implement the skeleton , fourth bootstrapping and the fifth is on layouts and viewing templates.

3 ] WEB TUTORIAL : Yii for Beginners : PART 1 : This is another online read up Yii framework tutorial. This tutorial is in 2 different parts. This is a simple tutorial for beginners who tend to get lost in the middle of new projects. The tutorial is for beginners with no knowledge about PHP framework or with Yii , people who can create web pages and sites with standard MySQL and PHP but have no clue about Yii. The tutorial have five parts with each part sub – parts and a few sub – parts having sub – parts. The tutorial has a number of programming examples and is easy to understand , the topics are explained clearly and can be easily understood by beginners without worrying much. The programs are explained and the reasons for every step is mentioned and made to be clear.

Yii Framework for Beginners : Part 2 : The second part of the tutorial is a continuation of the first , hence this post begins with the sixth part of the tutorial and continues up until fourteen parts. The programs are given and explained similar to the first part and is clearly portrayed.

4 ] BOOK TUTORIALS : WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT WITH Yii & PHP : By Larry Ullman : This is the first book of the series of three books written by Larry Ullman. This introductory book helps to develop a web app with Yii from the initial steps , explaining the concepts. This books contains 12 chapters and some additional resources.

Yii APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT COOKBOOK : By Larry Ullman : This is the second book of the series by Larry Ullman , containing a total of 13 chapters , a cookbook with the best recipes on Yii parts , developers with PHP 5 knowledge and are familiar with Yii basics , then this book is perfect for them.

THE Yii BOOK : By Larry Ullman : This is the third and the final book which explains the important features of Yii framework and also its important concepts using real – world guide and also practical’s.


5 ] Yii framework simple shopping cart tutorial for Beginners : Cart is an object which holds on to your stuff for you , it keeps them safe until you check out. This is a tutorial to make a shopping cart using Yii , to store data in the cart. 2 ways to do it are given and the tutorial contains programs to make it easy to understand and follow the tutorial.

6 ] Yii TUTORIALS : This site has a number of different tutorials which can help you create facebook app using Yii framework , to learn Yii , MVC – Yii url manager and various other topics.

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