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Yii framework tutorials

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the interesting Yii Framework Tutorials.

Yii is a rapid development framework for PHP that you can use to build PHP based applications that are modular, scalable and secure. Developers often use Yii to build mission-critical applications in a short span of time.

Yii can be used by beginners and experts alike. We’ve done a fair amount of research to pick out some of the best Yii framework tutorials for both beginners and experts. Listed below are a few Yii framework tutorials.

Yii framework tutorials


Tom King’s Yii Framework TUTORIAL: (Check here)

Tom king’s version of the tutorial is from the official website and offers a beginner centric approach to teaching. The tutorials are split into 15 parts.

Some of the basic topics that the tutorial covers are:

Preparing the Environment: This is the first video of the Yii framework, in this tutorial the video guides you on how to how to download the source code, set up the development environment, customize the configurations. how to get a new web app up and running.

Say Hello to the World:  This video covers how to create a simple and easy MVC application. The topic deals with all the basic steps involved in creating your first simple app from scratch using the framework.

CRUD County: This tutorial covers a little deeper into CRUD operations, connecting a database and saving data in it and much more. Once you’ve got the basic steps covered, you’d pretty much start building small scale applications that can save and retrieve data through your application.

Down to the database: In this topic, slightly more advanced database operations are taught where the app can do much more and progresses towards building a full-scale application in the consecutive lessons.

2. Codeholic’s Yii Framework tutorial for Beginners: (Check here)

Codeholic’s Yii Framework Tutorial goes on about how the framework drastically improves your development time and gives out various other reasons to choose it. The tutorial goes on to explain the necessary things that you should know before you choose the framework and the type of projects that the framework makes it possible to build securely.

You should have a fair amount of knowledge in PHP, Object-oriented programming and SQL. The topic index is updated with the different types of topics that will be covered. The index is mainly split into four topics, the first topic is on backend functionality and the second is on database schema design. The third topic deals with how to implement the basic functionality, fourth is about adding a front-end functionality and the fifth is on layouts and viewing templates.

3. UDEMY’s YII Framework Tutorial

This is another famous online Yii framework tutorial. The tutorial is aimed at beginners with no knowledge about PHP framework or with Yii.

It teaches you to create simple web pages and sites with standard MySQL and PHP. The tutorial has a five-part series with each part dealing with the basic concepts. The tutorial has a number of examples and is easy to understand, the topics are explained clearly and can be easily understood by beginners without worrying much. The programs are explained and the reason for the specific approach is also explained.

The second part of the tutorial goes further explaining security-related aspects of the YII framework, hence this post begins with the sixth part of the tutorial and continues up until fourteen parts. The programs are given and explained similarly to the first part and are clearly portrayed.


This is the first book of the series of three books written by Larry Ullman. This introductory book helps to develop a web app invoking all the important functions of the Yii framework right from basics. This book contains 12 chapters and some additional resources.


This is the second book of the series by Larry Ullman, containing a total of 13 chapters, a cookbook with the best recipes on Yii parts, developers with PHP 5 knowledge and is familiar with Yii basics, then this book is perfect for them.

6. THE Yii BOOK By Larry Ullman

What started as a simple set of series by Larry Ullman quickly got the attention of many developers who requested that a detailed tutorial could really help them. The book deals with the Yii 2 framework which is the latest version of the framework. This is the third and the final book which explains the important features of Yii framework and also its important concepts using the real-world guide and also practical examples that any developer could take up as a starting point to develop and practice.

7. Shopping Cart Development with Yii (Check here)

This interesting tutorial teaches you how to build a shopping cart functionality into a website. It is expected that you know the basics of the Yii framework. You will learn how to use the framework to create a shopping cart that holds the product, add to cart functionality and the entire customer checkout experience. The tutorial talks about two different approaches to do this in a step by step easy to understand and follow the tutorial.

8. Yii Framework Tutorial archive by PearltreesCheck here)

The Pearltree archive has multiple tutorials that any interested developer can look forward to. Projects such as eCommerce cart, a Facebook app using Yii, Webmail client with an interface, Wikipedia Clone Script with Yii.

These tutorials have a step by step approach and give the developer an insight on how to optimally code using the framework.

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