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YO!KART Review and comparision

In this article lets take a detailed look at YO KART Review

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Yo Kart is one of the finest marketplaces that you can find online. Not many know about this platform neither are there more information about this marketplace online. If you are planning to start a multi vendor marketplace, Yo Kart provides everything that is more than necessary to start a marketplace and provides all features that not many other marketplace would provide you to start with at very minimal pricing

It provides you a robust platform with front end , user panel , seller panel and a dynamic admin dashboard. The admin panel you get will have more features than you get on any online marketplace software. With real time sales tracking and periodical reports for the sellers to help them know about the market trends Yo Kart stands out for the money you pay

It’s a good deal for all start-ups as they have a minimum pricing of $250 to start off and launch your marketplace and remember it’s an yearly payment and not an one time payment which is the main disadvantage here

yokart review

In terms of marketing , unlike other online marketplace you need not install any plugins for SEO or sitemap creation. Everything is automated by default and made easy for the users. Things that you find as concern in other marketplaces are automated here to lessen the burden on marketing

Yo Kart is more secured platform when compared to other open source marketplace that you find online. All necessary SQL injections are already available that provides another layer of security to the application. This prevents your application from all hacking and any security breach

So major advantages that you will find the system are

  1. Automated SEO
  2. Highly secured
  3. Real time sales tracking
  4. Report to merchants about market trends
  5. Multi vendor
  6. Android app

The above features would serve as a driving factor for you to start off your marketplace with a platform like Yo kart. But some of the major short-comings that you might face using the platform and those that makes the platform not business ready are

  1. Complex Open source platform that you cannot maintain or manage without any technical assistance
  2. Definitely not for beginners
  3. Not many templates available for this marketplace
  4. Customization of this marketplace is not something easy without the assistance of Yo kart’s team
  5. Payment gateways are limited and to integrate any payment gateway of your country cannot be done without the tech team’s assistance
  6. Except for the Yo Kart team there are not much out source companies that take up Customization/projects on this platform. So you would have to be completely dependent on the Yo Kart team for any modifications / management

Having said all the advantages and disadvantages , Yo kart will be a better choice if you are not a beginner in technology and can handle/manage the application on your own without expecting any major technical assistance

Hope you got a deep understanding via. this comprehensive Yo Kart Review. Learn more about other essentials of choosing an eCommerce platforms here.

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