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We all know how powerful a social network is – and we also know how a good social network can make one a fortune – and we also know how people like to network over the WEB ! What do you get in this deal ? – A custom designed template by experts at a very special price . You can select a design of your choice from HERE  ( Worth 34$ ) – Hands on experts help to get your Social networking site up and running with the template design you have selected . Now how much easier can it get ? ( Worth 99 $ ) * Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— Now , how about building your own social network over a niche ?? The very thought is fascinating isn’t it ? Yes we heard you and got you covered with this incredible deal that will help you get your own social network up and running in a couple of minutes ! Gentle Ninja brings you this killer deal where you can start your own social network under any niche at a fraction of a cost . What is your passion ? Movies , Dating , Localized network , Sports , Music – whatever it is there is a ready made template for any niche . All you need to do is select a template any niche and get experts to setup your social network up and running in a couple of hours , its that simple ! Why are these amazing templates done on Boonex ? When everything required for a creating a networking site is built by experts all ready and tested over time – why should we re-invent the wheel ? Yes Boonex Dolphin is a leading Social networking script in the world . Its been developed and tested over time by thousands of developers and its really advanced ! So the only thing required is to design a good template . In this deal we have got experts to design templates which plug-in this amazing social networking script – Boonex Dolphin . This is what happens when the un-stoppable substance meets the immovable object , you get TON’s of quality at one single point . How can you make money using this ? Over the internet Traffic is money . And its a no brainer a social networking site can attract a lot of people and huge traffic . Some of the best known methods to make money using a niche social network site are : – Ads : Get paid from pay masters like Google , adbrite etc. for every click -or- for every 1000 impression . – Affiliate : Get a commission for every sale that happens from your site . There are many affiliate networks like Click bank ( ) , Commission Junction ( ) that have products related to any niche on the planet . Example : You have a community site for the Super bowl . You can select a particular product you would like to promote from these affiliate providers ( Eg : Super bowl 2013 merchandise , Super bowl tickets , Super bowl accommodations etc. ) . For each person you refer from your site and a sale happening , you get a part of the commission . What are the killer features available in this product ? * You will get an amazing Admin panel to manage your community site . You can check the Demo of the Admin panel HERE  ( Username : admin , Password : dolphin ) * Its packaged with all the software tools required for a community site of your dreams . * Built on software that grows with your community ! What if your community site grows to tens of millions of members? What if existing features are not enough? – Dolphin is scalable, fast and tested on tens of thousands of online communities and social networks. – BoonEx has specialized solely in niche social networking and online dating software for over 10 years. – You’re backed by a choice of hundreds of extensions and a community of over 100,000 webmasters. – Dolphin is constantly updated, keeping a few steps ahead of the competition. * Memberships and access levels Paid or free community sites, closed or open social networks, matchmaking or dating sites… they all require a different approach to membership statuses and rights. That’s where Dolphin excels ! – Create multiple membership levels with configurable permissions. – Set different access levels to all parts of your community site, including specific pages and even separate page blocks. – Charge membership fees and integrate with different payment providers. * Packed with thousands of social networking and online dating site features.  


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this script as a deal are : – The script is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a kick ass Boonex Dolphin community script / template . – We ran through a variety of Boonex Dolphin templates in the market and this seemed the best . – Boonex Dolphin templates are truly a money making products which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


Is it enough for me to select a community site template ? What else needs to be done ? Yes , all you need to do is select a Template you would like to use for your community site . Our experts will take care of the rest . They will install the Dolphin social networking module attached to the template you have chosen and give you access to the Admin panel . You can check how the admin panel will look here ( Username : admin , Password : dolphin ) Hey I like the idea . But Am not a technical person at all . I dont even have a server . Will you take care of things for me ? Sit back and relax . We have you covered . We have a special deal with one of the super fast cloud server providers in the world . You can check the details of the server here . We will book the server for you and install the template and get your site community site up and running and hand it over to you . How is the support ? The support for this application is top notch and by experts .

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