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YO app style simple productivity app

To create a simple and gorgeous IOS app & learn as well.



Integration Time

Under 20 minutes

Saves You

120 hours


Get the complete Source Code / Design of this YO style app

Raise a Hand


What do you get in this incredible Deal?

– Complete source code [ Native IOS ]  ( worth $100 )

Questions ? Shoot a mail to : [email protected]







Top 2 reasons to have this app script as a deal here are:

– We have a lot of IOS app development learners asking us for affordable script, that can help them understand code even better.

– This app comes with the design inspired from the famous YO app.


What is this app?

This is a very very simple app. You use this app in the school. If the teacher has a question, you raise your hand and answer. After your answer you count one up in the app. You can check your best count, the date and the time. Simple but useful. The design is inspired from the famous YO App.

Please Check the DEMO HERE before Buying.

Who should buy this?

This app is made with simple features & has a great design resembling the famous YO app.For those who would like to learn IOS app development, this app source code can be of great help. You can purchase it & add more features to it & create your own niche simple app.

Do I get the source code for this IOS app ?

Yes you get 100% source code for this IOS app – so you can easily add/edit any new feature , design etc.

Will you do customization for us ?
Yes we do customization for interested customers . We charge the best in the industry and deliver in high quality .

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