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A book and a Kindle

Create beautiful ebooks for iPad and iPhone with stunning effects !

using this powerful iPad eBook creator , creating eBooks for iPad and the iPhone is a sheer pleasure . With tons of features built in , your eBook will for sure stand out !


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Creating eBooks for iPad and iPhone is a breeze using this incredible starter kit !

eBooks are replacing the reading behavior of users with the launch of portable mobile devices like iPad , iPhone , Kindle etc. A big chunk of book readers have shifted their reading habits to these devices ! Creating and publishing eBooks on the IOS platform is a lucrative business model and many are already minting money in this approach . Be it an information eBook or a fun eBook for kids , there is always a big market present ready in the world of iPad and iPhone ! —————————————————————————————————————— This product is still under construction . Will be up soon ! Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— Create ebook for ipad So how do you create ebooks for ipad and iPhone effortlessly ? Yes it involves a lot of work – but not anymore ! We have got you covered with this  powerful ipad ebook creator ! What is ipad ebook creator ? With this amazing ipad ebook software , you can create elegant and beautiful eBooks for devices like the iPad and iPhone effertlessly and publish it for the millions of readers out there to check it out . The eBooks created using this ebook creator for ipad & iPhone gives you a suite of user friendly tools to create realistic page-turning books in a snap . Its fitted with sleek sound and animation options to take your readers into a totally imaginative world and make your eBook app stand out from other apps in the store ! What are the killer features present in this ipad ebook creator ? – Production ready code with XCode Templates for publishing an iPad book App in a snap ! – Built in features to add sound FX and background audio to pages of your choice . – Contains options to add animated images . – Has options to add buttons that reveal other images ( a must have tool for creating fun eBooks for kids ) – Built in FX effects to add effects like Snow , Sun , Stars , Galaxies , Fire , rain , Fireworks etc. – Its a breeze to add movie clips to your pages . – Options to add an elegant index to your book ( clicking on which takes to respective pages ) – Configurable in-app purchase options to allow part of the book for FREE and rest PAID ( So you can tempt users to read some content and pay for the rest ) – Also contains an eBook template with code for In-App Purchasing with detailed step by step help and documentation . – A sample eBook template without code for In-App Purchasing with detailed step by step help and documentation . What more ? – This powerful ipad ebook creator can be used to create eBooks for both the iPad and the iPhone , by just adjusting easy settings . – Has Cocos2d V2.1 and supports High Definition for the new iPad and is compatible for ios 6 . – The “Restore purchases” button is included ( which is required element for in-app purchases ) – Has support for retina display iPhones and iPads . – iAds and any of Apples extra frameworks can be added in the template easily .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this iPad eBook creator as a deal are :

– The kit is time tested and developed by group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also  value customer relationship a lot . – A lot customers have been asking to bring in a good starter kit that helps in effortlessly creating ebooks for ipad – We ran through a variety of kits in the market and this ipad ebook creator seemed to be  the best . – This ipad ebook creator kit can add a lot of value to the apps developed by users which the  Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life !


How is the support for this iPad eBook creator ?

The support for this amazing iPad eBook creator is top notch and by experts . These guys  really love what they do and would love to interact with customers and hand held them in any support or help on this module .

How is the updates handled ?

The latest version will be updated to customers for lifetime .

How stable is the version ?

The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version and works with the latest IOS versions .

General questions :

I want to create eBook for iPad . How easy is to with this iPad eBook creator ?

Not only for the iPad – even for the iPhone , creating eBooks using ipad eBook creator is very easy . Creating and publishing your eBook is just a matter of a few minutes using this kit . The user friendly documentation will walk you through the entire process seamlessly .

How can I make money creating eBooks for iPad and iPhone ?

Creating and selling eBooks is always a money making market . With millions of users searching the store for eBooks , you can easily reach your target audience and show case your work . More over the ipad eBook creator is equipped with in-app purchasing features so you can tempt your users to read a free section and pay for the rest .

When I create eBooks for iPad using “iPad eBook creator” , how much can I create ?

You can create un-limited number of eBooks .

When making an eBook for iPad using this kit , is there any number of page restrictions ?

No . You can include as many pages required .

Can I create eBooks for my customers using this iPad eBook software ?

Yes you can .

Can video be added in my eBooks using this iPad eBook maker ?

Yes you can add videos on the pages of your choice using ipad ebook creator .

When I create iPad eBook can it be seen on iPhone as well ?

Yes – by just adjusting a few settings – all the effects will show up in your iPhone as well .

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