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This Christmas Doodle your logo like Google !

Looking for a Christmas logo design ?  or a New year logo ? Create a doodle instead with this amazing holiday doodle package !


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For sure this is the best deal to create a Doodle for your website !

—————————————————————————————————————— What do you get in this killer deal ? – 5 Doodles for your website / blog  ( worth 799$ ) – You can choose 5 occasions for the Doodle . Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— What is a Doodle? With respect to Logos, doodle is a sketchy impression of a logo based on a particular theme, season, event, or just for a dash of humor in order to communicate to others about it. How many times have you seen Google’s search homepage and sighed ” Wow, it would be nice if i could get one done for my website “ Be it an anniversary of your company, Christmas or even a birthday of your loved ones.. any occasion you got a doodle for it.  Something to get into the feel of it. Sounds good? All the ideas apart, coming to the basic question.. Can you make one? No? No problem. 🙂 . but wouldn’t making a doodle would require an artist, who will charge me half the cost of a ferrari? Not quite… 🙂 Doodle logo What does this deal have in store for thee? Lined up are our talented Doodle sketchers who have enough experience to make your logo up and ready from a paper sketch to a bling doodle logo. All you need to do is provide us – with the details of the 5 occasions you want the doodle for. – your current logo – and any specific suggestions to it. What do you get? – 5 doodles that were doodled according to your requirement. – and a wide smile from your site visitors.  


Top 3 reasons why Gentle Ninja chose this product: – Doodle is a very interesting art and people use it to express their creativity. – A good Doodle that connects your logo or website to a particular occasion ( Christmas , New year , Holidays etc. ) can bring a sentimental bond between your viewers and your logo . – Lot of users have been mailing us to bring in a high quality and economical Doodle service for the holiday season .We believe that this product will add value to people’s businesses .


Is a doodle required for me? If you really have been craving for one. This is a very good deal. How will a doodle help me? If you are a company. A doodle can help you express your fun side which in turn reflects on your company’s work culture. that’s precisely what Google is doing 🙂

Can I choose the occasion for which my Doodle has to be designed for ?

Yes . Once you place the order experts will get in touch with you . You can choose 5 occasions / events etc. for which you want the Doodle to be designed for . What format will the Doodle be in? It will be in Png or any other format you require can be rendered from the source file the Doodler works on. How many Doodles do i get? Per order you get upto 5 doodles. For more you are always welcome to place more orders. 🙂 Who are the folks designing my Doodle ? There is a stream lined process behind each Doodle being designed . Once you choose the occasions for the 5 Doodles the order will be routed to an artist of the particular vertical as per the occasion you have chosen the Doodle for . Once the artist finishes the sketch , he will coordinate with a designer to get it on the computer via. Tools like illustrator , Photoshop etc. The designer along with the artist fine tune the Doodle and then it is reviewed by the QA person and then delivered . General questions :

What does it take to create a doodle ?

Doodles are a special form of art . Thanks to Google a lot of people have come to know about the Doodle . Creating a Doodle requires a totally new angle of thinking . The artist who sits down to create a Doodle should bring out the Doodle that engages the viewer and triggers his thinking .  To create a Doodle the artist must understand the occasion the Doodle is created for and connect the sentiments of the occasion with a simple yet understandable theme . Doodles are usually created bright to capture the attention of the viewer and give him a pleasant feel .

What is the effect of creating a Logo as a Doodle ?

A good doodle logo is one way of many the culture of the company reach the viewer of the logo . It brings out a more human touch to the company in the heart of the viewer . Since a Doodle connects a occasion with the logo , viewers feel a bond with the company . A lot of companies have started coming into the practice of creating new year logo design as a Doodle , holiday doodle for the holiday season , Christmas logo design as a doodle etc.

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