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Make e-books for Kindle !

A detailed tutorial on how to create your Kindle eBook and make your work a bestseller !


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An amazing new release from Paul Coleman , this new e-book shows you exactly how you can make a profit by turning your written work into Kindle format . Kindle ebook marketing Starting off with basics like how to choose your cover and title for the book , it then moves on to heavier stuff by telling you in what code to write your e-book in . In the book , he has suggests using HTML format , since it is the basic Kindle format and preferred by all the readers as the type and font size are perfect . The book also gives you tips on when you write short e-books , like articles etc . Moving on to the legal part of making your e-book , the author mentions how Content Rights work , what type of options are there to promote your e-book and also , How to price your e-book . The author then mentions how to control your personal “Authors page” , where you can mention a little bit about yourself , set up additional events for your fans and show offers on the books you are publishing through Kindle . The book also includes tips on how to market , promote and add “tags” to your e-book once its published online . All this wealth of knowledge on creating your kindle eBook and marketing it is right now YOURS for FREE !


Simple format and style in writing , this ebook gives ALL the details you would need to make Kindle format e-books ! Gentle Ninja Approved !


Once I am done writing my book in the Kindle format , how will I be able to view it even though I don’t have a Kindle ?

With a lot of Kindle format viewer software’s online , you can edit how your e-book preview it with these stimulator’s .

I am not aware of all legal details involved when publishing a book , will this book help me ?

Yes ! It absolutely will , with clear details on content rights etc .

Do I have to pay for an account on Amazon ?

No , registration for an account on Amazon is absolutely free !

Who is the author behind this amazing Kindle eBook guide ?

Paul Coleman is the man behind this incredible product . A big Thanks to him for allowing us to give away his product to users who want them badly . He can be contacted HERE .      

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