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Publish and Profit ! The complete kindle ebook publishing guide and kindle ebook converter

An easy How-To Guide on how to take your writing skills to the next level and make a profit out of it too by publishing your e-book on the Kindle platform ! The perfect ebooks for kindle bundle !


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An amazing and absolutely FREE new e-book that shows you how to make a quick buck or two by publishing your OWN e-book in a Kindle format ! … and did we mention it is FREE ? Ebooks for kindle It first starts off with the beginners basics , How to choose your topic for the e-book . An important part of selling your e-book for Kindle users is to choose a hot topic , something that is always being googled or youtubed , like Health and Fitness tips etc. Moving on to how to how to put down the content of your e-book , the guide shows you how to organize your data , how to pick the perfect layout and color scheme for your e-book and even includes how to code your e-book so it will by easy to convert into Kindle format for Kindle users . They then move on to more technical details ,like what rights you receive when you publish your e-book . For starters , the rights to your e-book are nonexclusive , irrevocable , worldwide rights . Meaning , the way Kindle markets their e-book is in a way that it will reach any part of the world at any point of time . Another important detail to note in the book is how the pricing works when you are finally ready to publish your e-book for the Kindle .  


Starting off with simple and begging level tips like what kind of topic to pick to figuring how to price your Kindle e-book , this ebooks for kindle guide is an absolute brilliant e-book that shows you how to convert and publish your e-book on the kindle platform . And Gentle Ninja approved !  


How profitable is the eBooks for Kindle business ?

Its a multi million dollar industry and customers worldwide folk around to buy their favorite books . Many publishers and writers make good money by kindle ebook publishing .

Is a kindle ebook converter included in this bundle ?

Yes this free bundle also contains a kindle ebook converter wizard for kindle ebook publishing . It works with Windows right now .

How do I make an account to start publishing ?

You can login if you already have an existing AMAZON account , or sign up and register as a new user.

Will I be able to sell my books in Indian Rupees ?

Yes , you absolutely can ! The service allows you to sell your books in any currency .

How to make a kindle ebook ?

That is what this ebooks for kindle guide explains in granular method along with kindle ebook publishing strategies . Reading this amazing guide you get all the knowledge to create kindle ebook . To make things even sweeter bundled is a kindle ebook converter .

Who is the author of this amazing ebooks for kindle guide ?

Andy is the man behind this incredible ebooks for kindle guide . You can check out his site HERE . He has generously accepted to give away his product for FREE to Gentle Ninja users ( Many thanks to him )

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