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When you start a business in today’s world and when you think advertising , the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds is this : Facebook .


With amazing spread and reach , Facebook has turned out to be one of the most biggest sites for online advertising . But setting up your new business page can sometimes be an annoyingly long process , trying to figure out settings that are perfect for you and convenient for the pages followers . Which is where this Step – By – Step guide to Facebook’s new Timeline features comes in ! Facebook offers all that you need to easily reach your target audience – which you cant easily reach and measure in any other medium . Many companies all over the globe have benefited tremendously by using the Facebook page for Business effectively . With little effort many businesses have created a stunning facebook business page and are promoting the their brand in a cool and effective manner . Some of the companies like Coca Cola , Pepsi , Audi , Reebok etc. have built a huge fan base for their facebook business page and they use it as a solid medium to continuously communicate with their customers and fans . Thanks to the viral nature of facebook , more and more people come to know of brands from the activities of their friends in these facebook business pages . Using this facebook page for business brands can easily communicate the latest happenings in their business and keep the fans updated on the latest events and upcoming stuff . Its much more effective and viral than email marketing . What you get in this e-book : Written in a simple and elegant style , this e-book shows the reader exactly how to go about setting up or updating their businesse’s Facebook page . It starts off with basic ABC’s of the timeline features , like putting up a cover photo with accurate dimensions to more complex things like maintaining your online applications and such . And the best part , is that this product is absolutely FREE ! So pick up your copy now !


An essential part of every business in todays world is a brilliant and eye catching Facebook page . Whether your business started in the early 50’s or started last night , facebook provides the perfect sweet spot for online advertising . With this free e-book , you can learn exactly how to make the best use of Facebooks’ timeline features by starting with the basics of setting up your cover photo to managing your online applications .


I already know how to use my personal Facebooks timeline , isn’t that good enough for my business page ?

A – Majority of the business page owners have personal Facebook accounts , but still find this product extremely useful since it points attention to the minor details like how big the dimensions of your cover page should be and how to highlight important posts and such on your business page that tends to add a sort of clear cut neatness and professionalism to your page .

How important is a Facebook business page ?

Social networks are the place where the majority of population in the world hang around today . Every business has its target audience and they should reach them to market their products . Facebook being the hub to fish out the required demographics , a Facebook business page is a 100% requirement ! If your business is not having a Facebook business page – well you are surely missing out some serious business ! So get going and create facebook business page for your business immediately

Is it easy to control my Facebook business page design ?

Yes facebook offers a variety of tools to easily customize your Facebook business page design . You can bring in your culture to your facebook business page design directly . Every facebook page for business has these options so they easily control the design of their pages .

Can I exclude some of the the information from my facebook business page timeline ?

Yeah , you can remove un wanted or out dated information from your facebook business page timeline as per your wish .

How can I contact the author of this amazing facebook business page timeline eBook ?

You will get all the information about the author of this incredible eBook in the download .

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