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make your facebook landing page look like the BIG PLAYERS . Get it designed and installed end-to-end from the experts in the industry !


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The best deal to create an amazing and powerful facebook landing page !

Lets admit it – In the current trend we definitely need a dashing Facebook page . Not just a dashing Facebook page but a page with standards equal to the BIG players in the market like Coke , Zappos , Star Bucks etc. —————————————————————————————————————— – Comes with a full installation service by experts . Any questions please shoot a mail to :  [email protected] —————————————————————————————————————— Did you know ? A successful Facebook page is a combination of various elements that range from a stunning cover picture to impressive call-to-action buttons , Custom designed Tabs etc. So how do you get your high quality Facebook page designed end-to-end at an economical cost ? That’s what this fantastic deal is all about !  Checkout the amazing things you get in this bundle : 1) An attractive Facebook Cover : This is the main part in your Facebook page . It should be an jaw dropping and eye popping design . Experienced branding designers will be working on your Facebook cover design to make it real attractive and customized to your business vertical or need .  The facebook cover designer will work hand in hand with you to understand your requirement . This creative and innovative cover will for sure give out a totally different message to your visitors – for sure their hands will move over the LIKE button ! Supporting it will be an awesome profile picture . The profile picture will be strategically designed to blend in with a meaningful message on the facebook cover . facebook cover designer facebook cover designer facebook cover designer facebook cover design facebook cover photo designer   2 ) Facebook timeline IFRAME page  : Now you got a fabulous Facebook cover and an attractive facebook profile image – what next ? You will be needing a sleek custom designed facebook page that helps to convert visitors to fans and check out what your are offering . You can also optin to bring your entire website -or- your WordPress blog inside the Facebook timeline iframe page . – Facebook Fangate : A splendid facebook fangate page will be design for your business and installed in a seprate tab . This will 100% invoke your page visitors to click the LIKE button on your page and become your FANs for lifetime . facebook fangate   – Facebook form / Facebook optin integration : Surely you will require your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter in your Facebook page . Here experts will create a dashing facebook landing page .  The page will contain a optin form for your visitors to enter their email ID . If you have a Mailchimp account – mailchimp facebook integration will be done . Also Facebook aweber integration will be done . Now you can get all your visitors to not only LIKE your facebook page but they will also be incentivezed to subscribe to your emails from this elegant Facebook landing page design ! Mailchimp facebook integration   3 ) Facebook page tabs ( Call to action ) Facebook page tabs are as important as all the elements discussed above . Via. a strategically designed and placed facebook page call to action button , your page visitors can be seamlessly re-directed to any of your Websites pages . Here experts will get to know your requirement and design beautiful Call-to-action facebook page tabs and place it strategically on your page . Clicking on which visitors will be directed to the appropriate pages in your website . Facebook page tabs facebook call to action Facebook page tabs  


Top 3 reasons for Gentle Ninja to give this ” facebook landing page ” service as a deal are  :

– Its the need of the hour for every business to have a power and sleek facebook landing page . – The cost for creating an end-to-end high quality facebook landing page is sky high now a days . So we have been getting a lot of requests from our uses to bring in real good deal on this service . – This much wanted service is done by a group of highly motivated and experienced professionals who have a proven track record . Moreover such an incredible service can add a lot of value to the businesses of people – which Gentle Ninja thinks is COOL !


Why is a Facebook landing page design so important ?

By now we all know the power of Facebook and what can getting viral on facebook mean . Facebook pages is not looked upon as an alternative to email marketing . Because , when a user becomes your page fan , you can directly reach him and convey any message easily . Moreover the message has the potential to become viral by the activity done on the message by the Fan , thus spreading it to all his friends . For the above things to happen an elegant Facebook landing page design is very much important .

What is a facebook landing page ?

A customized page on facebook from where you can engage with your fans and promote things is a facebook landing page. The power of facebook landing page is limitless , you can customize to show your company culture , to bring in your web pages , Have custom call-to-action buttons for users to click and take them to your web pages , have Opt in forms for visitors to subscribe and receive emails from you . It can also be connected to email services like Mailchimp , Aweber etc. The facebook landing page can also be designed specifically to increase targeted fans . Check out some of the fascinating facebook landing pages ( You will required to login to facebook ): – Red BullCokePepsi

Who are the people who are gonna do your facebook landing page design ?

We have hand picked 10 experts from around the globe who have great expertise in doing facebook landing pages for some of the biggest brands in the industry . They head a team of innovative facebook cover designers . Every facebook cover designer is proactive and comes out with the best of the best designs for your vertical and imagination . The experts will be in constant touch with you and get your work done in the most spectacular manner .

Will my facebook landing page be installed and handed over to me ?

Yes once the work is finished and you give your approval , experts will install the final facebook landing page with all the elements in it and hand it over to you . also you will be given a coaching on how to use the page .

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