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Favicon pack for Gojek Clone Script

Ready-Made Favicons for Gojek Clone Script

Fantastic Favicon pack for your Gojek Clone Script. Create a memorable brand mark for your brand.


Integration Time

10 Minutes

Saves You

180 Hours


Meet the Premium set of 

FavIcons Pack

for your Gojek Clone Script.


What do you get?

– A fantastic set of favicons that are best suited for Gojek Clone Script. Designed with its business model in mind. It’s easy to edit.

– Color palette Swatches list with the  suitable color codes that you can use and customized according to the design using any tool of your choice.

100% layered source files for the icons provided in a popular file format and Implementation guide for beginners.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


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TOP 3 Reasons to purchase this FAVICON pack

– Favicons that have been designed by some of the best illustrators in the world and has a range of options to choose and use from.

– Favicons are ready to use as well as can be minimally edited to suit your requirement.

– Save time and money by getting the best Favicons for the buck, without hiring or commissioning a freelancer and end up paying heavily.

Why is it important to have a Premium Favicon for your website?

Premium Favicons are designed by experienced designers who have worked on tons of logos and brand marks across the globe, when you think of brands like Google, Apple or even Nike. You would immediately remember the brand by the simple ‘Swoosh’ mark or a check mark that is synonymous with the brand. Wherever you see a Swoosh (even on pirated products that imitate the brand, the customer immediately thinks about Nike). That’s a brand mark that’s worth millions of dollars, bringing credibility to the brand and ultimately driving more sales in the long run.

A Favicon, App logo, landing page are all important to make this happen and that is why we put together Business Essentials pack that lets users take advantage of great designs that users can customize and use at their convenience. 

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


What will I get if I only buy this package?

The package contains Source files and documentation on how to edit the files using Adobe Illustrator (Mac and Windows) and Sketch app (Available only on Mac). However, we’d recommend purchasing the Business Essential suite with a pack of editable logos, Favicons, sound packs etc for your convenience.

What type of source files do I get?
All the designs come with an individual source file or have been combined into one single source file that you can edit separately and generate the favicons from. It’s easy to edit and your Graphic designer will find the layered source files easier to edit.

What format do you offer these Favicons in? Can I get them made in webp or any other format of my choice?

By default, the favicons would be in ico or .png. You can also use the recommended Editing / illustrating software of your choice to get the desired output.

Will you help me change the design or text in this creative?

Changing the text or design is a paid service. Please get in touch with [email protected] to know more. We only charge a nominal fee.

I want custom Favicons to be built for my website, can you help?

It would be great to collaborate and work on the concept to give you the best Favicon. Please remember this is a paid service, to avail this get in touch with us to [email protected]

Do I need any kind of software to edit the favicons? If yes, what are they?

To edit these Favicons, you will have to use Adobe illustrator or Photoshop or Sketch (Mac). If you have a designer, you can get in touch with them and they can edit it for you, if you don’t then you can approach us for editing and adding any specific logo to it.

Do I need to have knowledge in coding to integrate the icon with the website? 

You would need to have a basic idea of html if you are manually adding it or if your Gojek Clone Script has a content management system that allows you to upload the image, you can do so too. If you have any queries regarding this, please get in touch with us [email protected]

Can I use this item for more than one of my customers?

No, please purchase an individual license for each customer. Using this product on multiple customers is not allowed without a valid license.

What is the Refund policy?
We offer 100% refund for claims made within 48 hours of purchase. Please let us know the reason over a mail to: [email protected] and we would be happy to send you a refund.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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