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Landizimo – a free Responsive Landing Page Template !

A minimalistic responsive landing page template


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Making a killer looking landing page just got a thousand time easier with this amazing new minimalistic landing page template , Landizimo ! Literally the first thing a person sees when they enter a website is the landing page , and it determines a whole lot how easy it is to navigate on the landing page itself , whether or not they will have the patience to look at the rest of your website .There are many important factors you will have to take care of while making and designing your landing page , like where to place specific call-to-action buttons, how often advertisements pop up , how much information and what that information is etc. If you play your cards right , you can come up with a brilliant landing page and have your webpage skyrocket to glory ( not to mention the conversions that happen ) An important thing you have to make sure you remember when making your landing page is that you have to deliver the right amount of value and provide just enough information , not too much , not too less. Keep your exits in the low range , and do not distract your websites visitors by continuously making them click a billion pop ups and other buttons before finally getting to the information they require . By keeping your landing page short and to the point , you will be wasting no time at all and giving your visitors reasons to keep coming back to your website . Now , whats amazing about this particular landing page and makes it stand out from all the other , is that it is  Responsive , meaning it is designed absolutely and specifically to optimize the viewing process , and enables the reader to read the page easily with minimum scrolling , sear hing , resizing etc, and applies for a wide range of devices. The page you deploy will be accessible across all mobile and hand held devices as well ! Since we live in an era where people walk around everywhere with their iPads, iPhones and all other handhelds, it is extremely important to make sure that the website you create is easily viewable to those who are accessing the website from their handheld devices.  


A brilliant starting out template that ensures your landing page looks amazing and makes sure it’s easily accessible on handhelds and mobile devices. Truly a brilliant template !


What is responsive design ?

It is a trendy new approach to designing websites and pages . Pages done responsive re-size and fit into any screen resolutions easily thus increasing accessibility . So a page done using responsive design principles can be viewed on all Mobile and hand held devices as well .

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