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Use this powerful Garage Sale script to start a sleek Multi vendor Flea marketplace

Equipped with all the required features this Garage Sale Software is all you need to start your yard sale marketplace instantly !


Integration Time

30 minutes

Saves You

480 developer hours


For sure, this is the best

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What do you get in this deal ?

– An amazing Garage Sale script & Software : worth $2000

Have questions ? Please shoot a mail to : [email protected]

Top 3 reasons to GRAB this revolutionary Garage Sale Software :

– Multi-language support : You can instantly enable/disable any language in the world !

– POWER PACKED with all the features required in a Garage Sale Software ( check FAQ for the features list )


You can brand the app in his name and host it in the APP STORE and get people to download it . The app will list all the products he has uploaded in his store ( i.e.. Inside your site ) . Once a user clicks a product – will take him to your site and he will purchase the product there .

This can be enormously powerful and you can get your SELLERS to market your site for FREE ( as anyone will be excited to have an app on the APP STORE with his brand name and will market it ) .

Eg : Racheal is selling her hand made toys in your site . She will get an IOS app which she can brand as ” Racheal’s TOYS ” and have it for download in the APP STORE . She will market it to all her friends and people will download the app and browse through the TOYS in her store . Once they click on the TOY they like – it will open up the page in your SITE and they will purchase it there !

Can you visualize the virality your site will be getting ?  This is pure GROWTH HACKING !


Top 3 reasons to have this incredible Garage Sale Software as a deal here are :

– Flea market is a happening concept all over the world . With the internet and mobile coming into picture this concept of yard sales has pivoted to new hights with the addition of Social media . With sites like Rumgr  , shpock , depop , Stuffle etc. people are more and more looking to buy stuff online and over the mobile .

– Many users have been asking us to bring in a high quality Garage Sale Software like GetYardsale .

– The folks behind this Garage Sale script are experts when it comes to Social Media Ecommerce . Also they value customer relationship a lot , which makes them the perfect fit for us :)


Who are the people behind this incredible Garage Sale Software ?

Ecommerce Mix is the team behind this awesome Garage Sale Software & script – a group of Tech savvy & Growth hacking experts .

What are features present in this incredible Garage Sale Software ?

This amazing Garage Sale script comes with all the essential features required in any Flea market software , and

– This powerful Garage Sale Software has location tagged to each item when uploading . The location of each item also gets displayed via. Google Maps .
– SAVE feature to cultivate their favorite items
– Has Facebook, Google+ and Twitter connect so visitors can seamlessly login with their social accounts .
– An elegant store front for Sellers to display their items .
– A powerful commenting system for visitors to leave their feedback on an item .
– Powerful location based search for searching items and stores based on various filters , fields , Color etc.
– Yes , it is Multi lingual and you can add any language in the world instantly .
– This incredible Garage Sale Software has Support for multiple currency
– This amazing flea market software Supports multiple payment gateways .
– Store / user based Follow and following features are present in this Garage Sale Software .
– This sleek Flea market software comes with Powerful social features to share products on leading social networks instantly .
– This Garage Sale Software has built in module for users to invite their friends .

* A powerful and elegant ADMIN PANEL :

– That is responsive, so you can open your Garage Sale Software admin panel seamlessly on any mobile and hand held devices .
– This flea market software has provisions to ADD / EDIT content for all CMS pages ( About us , Contact , Terms , FAQ etc. )
– Detailed charts , graphs to understand how your site is performing on all verticals ( Sales , Registrations etc. )
– This Garage Sale Software has robust modules to maintain and monitor the site end-to-end from all angels ( Users , Listings etc. )
– You can manage notification settings and account settings as well in this flea market software admin panel
– This Garage Sale Software has provision to change and add language settings , currency and payment settings seamlessly
– You can manage your Social media via. this flea market software admin panel .
– This incredible garage sale software has Email and newsletter management features as well .

General questions :

Can this Garage Sale Software be used as a yard sale software as well ?

Yes definitely . Yard sale is another name for Garage sale -or- Flea market . So you can 100% use this Garage sale script as a yard sale software .

In what other names is Garage Sales usually called as ?

There are various other names by which people call Garage sales . Some are : lawn sale,junk sale, thrift sale , rummage sale, tag sale, attic sale, moving sale or even garbage sale .

What is Yard Sale ?

Yard sale is a concept by which people sell un-used products they have or even barter them . You can get more info about Yard sale HERE

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