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Get facebook likes with this Like Locker plugin

Lock your content and let users un-cover by Liking your page . The smartest way to get facebook likes !


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The magic about social networking sites , is the power it has given us to take things viral overnight ! A simple Like or a tweet etc. can take your brand to a number of people without control . In the current times its very crucial to get your brand heard by masses for success to flow in easily .
Facebook Like Locker

So how can we achieve this viral effect on Social networks ?

Fret not , we have you covered ! this amazing tool asks your site users to Like your page before accessing the content . Yeah – charge a LIKE to view your content !

This smart plugin protects your content behind a social share wall . It gets your visitors to share your website with their friends before checking out what lies beneath . The best way to get facebook likes seamlessly !

What are the amazing features present in this killer product ?

– A Sleek Like locker using which you can lock any part of your website . The content behind will be opened only after the visitor Like’s your page .
– Has provisions to protect individual posts or you can also choose specific content within the post by using short codes .
– It can also be used on pages .
– A cute admin panel to control your plugin end-to-end . It also have various accessibility options .
– Has options to expose Locked pages to search engine crawlers alone and not human visitors – Yes Search Bots alone see the full content .
– Has Cookies time validity built in . Using this option you can restrict the access time a user can see your content after a LIKE . Also using this option you can control , the number of times a user sees the LIKE Locker on the screen .
– The Like locker comes with options to choose the Social network you want ( Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Google + etc. )
– You also have the option to set the URL , you want the users to LIKE .


The Top 4 reasons Gentle Ninja chose to give this amazing Like Locker WordPress plugin as a deal are :

– The plugin is time tested and developed by a group of tech savvy innovative geeks , who also value customer relationship a lot
– The product is an innovative one and tremendously increases the viral reach .
– Many users have been asking for a good plugin in WordPress to increase social traffic and get facebook likes .
– This is a Plugin which the Gentle ninja thinks will add a lot of value to peoples life .


Where all can this premium Like Locker WordPress plugin be used ?

This premium Like locker WordPress plugin can be used on any WordPress post or page . You can use it to lock an image alone , or a news article , or a free music etc.  and get facebook likes like never before !

How is the support for this premium WordPress plugin?

The support for this plugin is top notch and by experts . You will be given exclusive access to user friendly documentation for the product .

How is the updates handled for this premium WordPress plugin?

The latest version will be updated to customers for lifetime .

How stable is the version ?

The product is time tested and used by a lot of customers . It is a very stable version . It is one of the smartest way to get facebook likes effortlessly .

Why should I use this Like locker plugin ?

Its a known science that the friends of your target audience are also your target audience . Yes , since a designer will for sure have a circle of designers . A Web master will have a circle of friends who are web masters etc.

So how do we reach all the friends of our target audience ? Via. social networks like facebook , Twitter , Linkedin etc. – as this is where a majority of the users hang around . Now to tap inside the circle of your target audience you can use this amazing Like locker plugin and Get facebook likes !

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