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Get to know how your site or mobile app looks before its even made. It’s no magic.

You have a great app on your mind which can forecast the future more accurately than Nostradamus ever did or  you’re brewing up the next Facebook. See how it looks like even before you start coding it with this…


Integration Time

Saves You


Having sleepless nights on how to give shape to your next smashing mobile/web app and  how to convey the idea to your team and to get it approved by your boss? Won’t building a prototype be easier? and won’t having an application that does it make it even simpler. Here’s a little something for you Worrywart.. Just in Mind… My my what an appropriate name for a product like that. JustinMind lets you build wire-frame prototype by drag & drop. Add interaction gestures to your mobile app. Build data driven prototypes which simulate the actual App. Create widgets and place them in your widget library. With Justinmind Prototyper, you can export all the information of your web prototype to a MS Word or Open Office document. It is an easy and convenient way to generate specifications document. The documents generated include screens, interactions, business rules, working scenarios, Data Masters and comments, as well as information on the application prototype itself. You can even export your wire-frames to HTML with all the interactions, conditions and validations defined and functional. Send your HTML prototype to your users, customers or providers so they can see and test it on their web browser. Available for Windows and Mac platform. Now that’s what they call giving shape to your thoughts. no?

Key Features (free):

  • Unlimited prototypes and pages
  • Interactive widgets for iPhone 4S, Android 4, and iPad 3
  • Interactive widgets for web apps
  • Interactions: Link
Key Features (Pro version free for 30 days):

  • Unlimited prototypes and pages
  • Interactive widgets for iPhone 4S, Android 4, and iPad 3
  • Interactive widgets for web apps
  • Rich interactions: MouseOver, Drag, PageLoad …
  • Gestures: Swipe, Pinch, Tap & Hold, Rotate …
  • Add/Import widget libraries
  • Conditional rules
  • Validations
  • Forms and Datagrids simulation
  • Variables
  • Masters and Templates
  • HTML and Document generation.


I’ve been trying to find a good wire frame prototype building tool for quite sometime now. Having been unsuccessful in finding a perfect one all these months… okay, a couple of years to be frank.. in the free category of course.  i gave up. 🙁 . And lo! i suddenly come across this amazing tool which lets me create unlimited.. yeah you read it right.. unlimited prototype pages in the free category, so i thought I’d share this with all you guys. Fair enough ? 🙂 . download and start giving shape to your ideas. – Geek Ninja Neo Eat Oats  | Code Longer


Why should i use Prototyper? For the same reason why you make a 3d building plan before you start building a house. To get to know how your app really looks like and functions in a real world. Saves you a lot of time, so you can make new improvements rather being buzy fixing glitches and bugs. 🙂 Does it work on Mac? Yes, that’s the beauty about this tool it works on both windows and mac platforms. Is my app better than my friend’s? Now that you’ve got a kick ass idea and an awesome prototyping tool to see ahead of your competition, it ‘d be the best. you do the math. Anything else? Well,  if your app is really the next cool thing only next to the new Batman movie; it would be great to have your app on GentleNinja; maybe in the deals or if you’re community minded in the giveaway section for others to see how cool you and your app are. You are welcome to submit the app in the section.  



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