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Gojek Clone Script

Start an On-demand Multiple Service Business using the Gojek Clone Script Template

Ready made Gojek Clone Script template that is built to run the next On-demand multiple services Empire.


Integration Time

4 Hours

Saves You

650 Hours


Instantly start a Multiple service platform using this

Gojek Clone Script

                                                                  Wordpress business theme


What do you get?

– A sturdy business ready Website template Script that lets you start a Gojek like WebApp. 

– Easy to edit Html files that can be customized and added to your script.

– 100% Source Code & Documentation

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TOP 3 Reasons why you should purchase this script template:

– The ready made On-demand Multiple services website/app template allows anyone to integrate into their Gojek like business easily. It’s easy to set up and deploy.

– Super easy to customize and follows all the modern web standards that popular search engines prescribe from time to time.

– Got a Gojek Clone Script app from another provider but want to use our Web front end template? No problem, we can integrate the platform’s Robust API Layers to connect any On-demand Multiple Service app to the platform. Once you have done that, all the data that is available on the Web front end template will be available on the mobile app too while retaining the same UI.


Multiple services apps or Super Apps are the next big thing. Considering the fact that there are multiple apps to do different tasks, the approach of integrating multiple services into a single app to make it convenient and compelling for a user to use a single app to do all the tasks they need is more effective. 

The Script allows you to do just that. By using this Gojek clone script, you can start a Website to offer these services instantly. The web script meets the latest Web standards that is laid out by some of the popular search engines thereby increases your search ranking. 

You can even custom build a Multiple service app for android and iOS with the data provided from the APIs by fully integrating it.

Features of a Gojek Clone Script

Here are some of the features of the on-demand Multiple services website script should have before you purchase, check if they have these.

The Algorithm – The latest service provider matching algorithm works behind the scene identifying and matching suitable service provider automatically with the appropriate user.

Easy Categories – Present the services in a categorical manner and save the customer’s time. Convenience is key.

Powerful In-built Search Engine page – Powering the search is a sophisticated search engine that is built into the core of the product, helps the customer in finding what they are looking for.

Easy Reach– Inbuilt Chat and Call feature powered by Twilio allows service providers to communicate with the users

Relational Tags – All services have easily identifiable tags that the service providers can use while creating the service. Can be used for building features using this in the near future.

Feedback Mechanism- Allow users to give feedback about the service once they have completed the service and vice versa. 

User Dashboard – Home to the user’s purchases, details about them, wish-list and other user experience oriented features on the platform.

Service Provider Dashboard – Service providers can list their service through the service provider dashboard easily. They can also manage their request, check their payment statuses among other things. 

Inbuilt SEO & Open Graph Standards – All the tags related to the SEO and Open graph should be used to make sure that your Gojek Clone Script template is well equipped.

Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.


What will you get when you buy this product only?

You get 100% un-encrypted Source code of the web script template and an installation guide to help you setup the script on your server. 

Can I add more sections to this Multiple services Clone Script template?

If you are a developer or have a developer, you can add as many featured sections as they want based on your script, the easy to edit html files will make your life easy.

Why is there no mobile app template?

The on-demand multiple service script template has a mammoth web front end that needed a lot of our attention building it and the time and effort spent on it considering the services it can handle took most our the time. (You can imagine how long and the number of developers it would take to build one yourself.)

We are still working on building mobile apps that would offer the best experience as well soon.

Can you please install this product for me? 

Sure, we’d love to install the product for you incase you are facing difficulties or need a developer to do it for you. Please understand that a nominal installation charge applies for service. Do get in touch at [email protected]

I need some customization done for this, can you do it?

Absolutely, we can customize the product template according to your specifications or build out new swanky features that will help you get to the market faster with the necessary features. This is a paid service and please get in touch with us to know more. [email protected]

I want to build a mobile app for a gojek Clone script platform, is it possible to do it?

If you have purchased a Gojek Clone app script from another vendor and want to build a mobile app for it, we can do it too. 

Is there a refund policy for this script?

There’s a 14 day Money back guarantee for the product from the time of purchase. In Case you would like a refund, do get in touch with us stating the reason at [email protected]


Questions? Shoot a mail to: [email protected]


Contact us via. FB messenger HERE.

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