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Protect your site from upcoming Google Penguin updates !

A powerful Google penguin recovery service that also shields your site from future algorithm updates


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” … I was totally blank when it happened to my site ! Over night I got pulled down for almost all the keywords my site ranked . Tried all I can to bring it back – but seemed we couldn’t recover from the damage . Finally after doing Platform diverse backlinks my site is getting back its rankings for each keyword . Thanks a ton , you saved my site ! “

Richard ( a Webrepreneur , runs a high traffic Health & Fitness blog )

Celebrated by 97+ happy customers !

Off late many many sites have been dragged down in rankings leaving the site owners shocked and deserted wondering what to do next  !  99% of these sites have high value content and were updated regularly – but why this happen ? Its all because of the Back links that have been built for the sites that triggered a Google Penguin slap ! Note : With the recent and upcoming Google penguin updates , traditional SEO can only cause more HARM to your site ! Google is now playing the Good cop & Bad cop . They need back-links , but at the same time it needs to be built naturally ( and yes they have super powerful algorithms to detect the links that are built intentionally ) . This has created a state of confusion among mid and small site owners ( as getting natural back-links is a near impossible job ) . What is the solution to this ? The only way to overcome it is to reverse engineer the process . While you keep building your links you should also invest in creating PLATFORM DIVERSITY for your web properties . In other words its like adding more water to your concentrated syrup to dilute it . So for every 2 backlink you build you will need to EVEN IT by creating atleast 15 platform diverse links , or beware the intentionally created links are going to send out bad signals to search engines ! * Black link platform diversity : With so many Google penguin updates you definitely need to pay attention to what sort of SEO you are doing . Just building back links is gonna hurt your rankings severely !  Platform diversity is very much essential in today’s SEO  to avoid penalty and rank high ( but sadly there are very few SEO services that even know this and they keep building your links in the same networks eventually hurting your site rankings ) However its not too late . You can heal your rankings today with this unique platform diversity activity that will make your links look stunningly natural to crawlers . Here in , – Experts will diversify your site profile with 75+ Elgg style back-links ( These types of links are not known to many marketers . As a matter of fact these links are more valuable than the traditional style links you will find all across the net ) – Your Elgg tier will be super charged with 3,000 unique wiki domain tier II contextual links for extreme optimization – The links created will be a contextual mix of Follow and No-Follow , hence creating natural authority for your site . – If you are a marketer you will know how easy it is for crawlers to identify your link building activities if its focused on one keyword/page alone ( Such practice is black listed by search engines now and do stop it now ! ) . So in this activity upto 12 URLs in your Domain will be chosen with un-limited Anchor text . – Your links and anchors are scattered randomly throughout the article, further eliminating any potential footprints. The experts employ Penguin Safe custom mix of “naked” and “generic” anchors on every single submission. Nobody builds backlinks like this on the net as its a lot of human labor ! – To further increase your search rankings the experts will add 500 tier II bookmarks to your link to form a A grade Link Pyramid . This will trigger algorithms to give your site the expert touch for your keyword , thus boosting SERP’s ! Finally all of the above links will be let through a proprietary indexing software , so all the new links get indexed . Every activity done will be delivered with professional reports and proof .

” I lost all hope and hit upon this . Man this did work ! Finally after so long I see my pages on top for my keywords 🙂 “

– Mathew . J , Web services company .


Top 3 reasons we chose to have this ” Platform diversity back-links ” deal are : – With the Google Penguin update , traditional SEO has been doomed . All the back links we have built so far now may send out negative signals to Search engines . To mend this we need to dilute them and this service offers the most wanted solution . – We need to safe guard our site from future penguin updates by Google . This platform diversity activity will act as a shield to your sites . – There are many who want a high quality Google penguin recovery service .The folks who are doing this activity are highly experienced and know the in and out of what they do .


My site has not been HIT , can I use this ?

Yes definitely and its recommended by SEO experts that Back link Platform Diversity should be adhered by every site . Even if your site is a brand new site , this activity helps in creating an authority for your site among search engines .

Who will be doing this ?

We have lined up SEO Experts from different countries . They have 10+ years experience in SEO and contribute to some of the biggest SEO blogs in the world . They keep a close follow up on various algorithm changes in search engines and come up with best practices to tackle things . They have helped many sites in Google penguin recovery .

I have an agency doing my SEO , can I do this as well ?

You need to definitely do it . Most agencies just do SEO blind folded . The platform diversity backlinks you get in this campaign will soften the negative signals going to search engines from the normal SEO activities .

I have been doing SEO for sometime and my rankings dont seem seem to improve . What maybe the issue ?

Your normal SEO practices might be sending bad signals to search engines . Search engines no longer favor backlinks created intentionally . So this might be the issue . You will need to create Platform diverse backlinks immediately to even things ., or things may go from bad to worse !

What is Google penguin recovery ?

If your site has been hit by the Google Penguin update , you will need to do certain steps to recover from the slap . These activities require you to dilute all the backlinks you have built so far with Platform diverce backlinks . This process is called as Google penguin recovery .

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