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Incredible cloud server to take care of your hosting

This fascinating cloud server is all you need to make your website with load lightening fast .It gives you all the power of cloud at an UN-believable cost



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We have been in the tech industry for near 15 years now and have used various servers ( Godaddy , Hostgator , Rakespace etc. ) . In each server we switched to we found an hurdle in their services ( Either its the speed or the cost or the space etc. ) . One Server provider we finally hit upon provided the best of the best in all its offerings – and it is also a cloud infrastructure .  We heard about Webfaction from the geek community ( mainly composed of Python developers ) . These geeks just raved about the service , speed and the customer support above all . We decided to check out the Webfaction servers 1 year ago , and since then they have just amazed us by their quality and service . Old-style web hosting is dead ! No more slow and crowded servers with old software and no flexibility. Webfaction provides the fast and reliable hosting with a modern and flexible setup. Here are some of the incredible features Webfaction offers : Resources : Set-up Fees                                   :     FREE     Activation time                                :    1 hour Server location                               :    USA, Europe (Amsterdam) or Asia (Singapore) Disk Space                                    :    100GB (upgradable) Bandwidth (per month)                  :    600GB (upgradable) Application memory                       :    256MB (upgradable) Websites : Number of hosted websites          :   Unlimited SSL (https) support                       :   Yes , including support for Server Name Indication Detailed daily usage statistics DNS                                               :   Full control Email : Email addresses                            :  Unlimited Mailboxes                                        :  Unlimited SMTP, POP and IMAP  Yes with secure access Webmail                                         :  Yes with secure access  Mailman mailing lists                      :  Unlimited Strong anti-spam filter Autoresponders and server-side rules Databases : Number of databases                    :  Unlimited MySQL support                              :  Yes     PostgreSQL support                      :  Yes Shell : Full shell access with SSH and SFTP Ability to run long-running processes such as Rails, Django, etc Extra SSH and SFTP users           :  Unlimited Backups : Full backup of all your data to remote servers every day Software : One click installer for tons of applications including WordPress, Drupal, Rails, Django and a lot more Secure Linux system with thousands of pre-installed tools Apache hosting with PHP, SSI includes, .htaccess files One-click webdav, subversion and git repositories (over SSL) Ability to run any software that runs on PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl or Java with MySql, Postgresql or sqlite Ability to compile and install any software you need in your HOME directory Extras : Though the above are enough for a successful web service with a huge traffic , also available are the following extras on demand: Extra diskspace Extra bandwidth Extra memory Dedicated IP address


Webfaction is one service provider catching up traction among the geek community for its amazing service and quality . Some of the reasons we chose to provide Webfaction servers to our customers purchasing scripts are : Make your site faster Webfaction has put fewer people on each server than most hosting providers and as a result their servers tend to be faster and more stable. Also, they use the blazing fast Nginx to serve static content. You still get the power of Apache for dynamic content but for static content nothing beats Nginx. Use all the cool tools Webfaction has over 50 one-click installers in their control panel including Django, Rails, WordPress, Drupal and many more. No need to spend hours installing and configuring the software, database etc. All it takes is one click in our control panel and you’re good to go. Use a modern and flexible setup Webfaction setup is one of the most modern and flexible out there. They spend hundreds of hours building and testing their own RPMs to always provide you with the latest tools while still keeping our servers stable. And if you want to use something that’s not already there you can just build it yourself and install it in your home directory: they provide you with all the tools to do that as well (much like a VPS)! Scale as much as you need Their unique multi-machine load balancing solution allows you to manage your account on multiple machines from our control panel. You can easily deploy your apps on multiple machines and our system will automatically provide load-balancing between these machines. Some customers have scaled up their sites to tens of machines for a fraction of the price of dedicated servers. Get great support Everybody agrees: Their support staff is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable out there. Webfaction goes the extra mile to always give you a useful answer within minutes. Oh, and they never stop either! It doesn’t matter if it’s 3pm on a Sunday afternoon or 3am on New Year’s day: they’re always there for you ! Get rock solid hosting Webfaction has been in business for over 6 years and they use some of the top datacenters in the world (from ThePlanet). The datacenter features redundant UPS systems, generator backup, VESDA detection systems, closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances, 24 hour guard manned security, redundant a/c systems, and fiber from 5 separate providers. Over the years they’ve built their own monitoring systems which detect potential problems on servers before they can cause any crashes. They’ve also put fewer people on each server than most hosting providers. As a result many people have reported that their servers were faster and more stable than our competitors’. Fight spam Their email platform is one of the most complete out there and comes with everything you can think of: webmail, SMTP/POP/IMAP, SSL, mailing lists, email forwarding, autoresponders, server-side rules etc. It also comes with a strong spam filtering system that rejects hundreds of spam emails each minute.


How different is this server from other servers ? While other servers provide just a dedicated box or a single point of hosting , webfaction provides a cloud environment that is lightening fast . The service is also very economical for the amazing stuff they provide .

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