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Start a profitable Flight – Hotel search engine site instantly !

This turn-key Flight / Hotel search engine script is equipped with all the essential features to get your Kayak like site up and running immediately . Has all the affiliate’s connected and comes with a mobile version as well.


Integration Time

In under 15 minutes

Saves You

258 development hours


Own a fully automated Hotel / Flights / Car rentals SEARCH ENGINE using this incredible

Travel & Hotel search engine script

Note : Contains over 250,000 Hotels & 600 Airlines information updated in real time !



What will you be getting in this amazing deal ?– A spectacular Hotel / Flight / Car rentals Search engine ( worth $300 )- A mobile version of the site. | – Free  upgrades ( worth $99 ) Got any Queries ?  shoot a mail to us :  [email protected]



How can you make money using this hotel search engine script ?

This site makes you money in the exact way global Hotel search engines like Tripadvisor , Expedia , Kayak etc. make their big money in a seamless manner ! The hotel and flight search engine model is a Highly Profitable model . You earn commissions from hotel search that’s calculated on a per lead basis. The affiliate programs in this sector are awesome as users don’t even need to complete a booking for you to get paid, you get paid even by getting users to simply browse your site . All you have to do is bring people to the site, our fantastic technology will take care of the rest !  Sounds cool huh ?  read on …. – The amount of commissions for hotel search engine varies on different hotels ( on an average ranges from $1-$4 ). Earnings are even generated multiple times from even the same visitor ( as its common to check many hotels when searching for a good one . And people click multiple hotels to compare them ) …. and You earn every time they click ! – As for Flights and Car Rentals – The cool thing about the pay per click affiliate programs is that if visitors do bookings from your site, your pay per click rate goes up and you earn even more ! Check the Car rentals affiliate link up – Yet another income source is from the Amazon Affiliate Store : You can simply earn more profit with this online store as you sell travel related products, vacation rentals , resource packs including travelers activities options to give their trip an extra spark. You keep earning money on all these fronts !  – And yes as your site starts attracting more visitors , there will be Hotels and businesses begging for an Ad space on your site like Banners , Links etc. which is again a revenue source – Last but not the least , our good old Google Adsense revenue :) Know what ? With only near 100 visitors per day you can earn as much as $100 – $400 per day.


Top 3 reasons for showcasing this incredible Flight / Car rentals / Hotel search engine script are :

– Hotel search affiliate income model is one of the most lucrative and high paying areas on the web . To access this niche many have been asking us to bring in a good Flight / Hotel search engine script . – This Flight / Hotel search engine script is awesome . Its 100% automated and connected to all information , so one can get their Hotel search engine up and running from day one . – The folks behind this incredible Flight / hotel search engine script are highly knowledgeable in this vertical and value customer relationship a lot !


What are features available in this Flight / Car rentals / hotel search engine script ?

– Its 100% Automated – The site does not require any maintenance or updates as all of the data comes from outside sources via. API’s on the FLY . Since the data comes in at real time , the search is super fast and you always get the latest data . – Comes with well connected information of over 250,000+ Hotels & 600+ airlines from all over the world. Thats a LOT of data and pages . – SEO friendly : Every information is well framed with SEO friendly URL’s , Bread crumbs etc. – Multi Lingual – This awesome Hotel search engine script is equipped with Multi-lingual features that can be used across 20 languages . It can give you the most wanted global reach ! – Newbie friendly : Its end-to-end automated and anyone can run it . – Great and user friendly design , so your visitors can jump in and start using it instantly . – Comes with attached blog , to give continues blog updates to your visitors .

How stable is this Flight / Car rentals / Hotel search engine script ?

The script is time tested and running through many versions . It is built on the most popular WordPress cms and can handle any traffic spikes . Also every element in this Flight / Hotel search engine script is made to be highly SEO friendly and social .

What about the documentation for this Flight / Car rentals / Hotel search engine script ?

Yes you will get a complete installation document that also explains the various aspects of the site .

How is the support for this incredible Flight / Car rentals / Hotel search engine script ?

The folks who have developed this incredible Flight / Hotel search engine script value customer relationship a lot . You can expect amazing support from these folks !

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