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“How to get a Facebook page viral in 3 days ?” – revealed !

A step-by-step guide to getting a Facebook page viral .


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If there is a holy grail of the internet – it should the formula to get something viral over the web !  Just imagine a page in your blog or website getting shared like mad over the web bringing in millions of visitors to your site 🙂  SOUNDS cool huh ?  Yup it should be …

Everyday we see pages going viral over the Web . But , How is it done ?  Am pretty much sure everyone of us have tried to get a page of ours the viral effect by submitting it to DIGG , REDDIT , Facebook etc. – but it never seems to happen and seems to be a mystery always . – Is there a fixed science behind engineering this ? – Is it by luck it happens ? – Does it cost anything to get the viral effect ? …. and there are many more questions in all our minds – that has no concrete answers at all .


Yes we also wanted to learn the art of making things viral and read too many articles on the web , but sadly no expert article seemed to give a promising solution . So we decided to learn it the hard way – do it yourself and discover what lies beneath !


Having the mission to get a page viral , we decided to take 3 days off and do this experiment dedicatedly and learn the secret of making a page viral in real time .

Mission : Get a page viral in 3 days with a budget of $100 .

After completing this interesting social experiment – we decided to write an end-to-end report on all the elements and strategies involved in getting the page viral . The attached PDF contains the exact steps we did in the entire duration in a very detailed manner . It also contains all the traffic reports and the revenue we were able to generate via. this cool experiment . The moto is to showcase how much can be done in just 3 days under the budget of $100 . So if these exact steps are done for an extended period – the outcome will get multiplied significantly .


The top 3 reasons we chose to have this incredible Guide as a FREE deal here are : – ” The secret of getting things viral” always seems to be a secret ! We wanted to see if we can break this secret and reveal the mystery for once . – Many people have been asking us questions in this subject and sadly we didnt have an answer . Though there seemed to be many expert articles online – none seemed to have the actual juice in it . So we decided to hit the floor and see reality behind this “Getting viral” stuff . – If you learn the secret of “Getting things viral” …. its lot of traffic over night – which is lot of money overnight . So we thought this might be of real value to our users and did it 🙂


Is this report FREE ? Yes – its FREE to download . You can distribute it to your friends as well . Who is the author of this eBook and who conducted this experiment ? The experiment was conducted K.Kaviraj . He has a wide experience in Web marketing and has been a growth hacker & online marketer for near 7+ years . The experiment was done on purpose to be completed in a very limited time period of just 3 days and a fixed budget of just $100 .

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